The Best Beige Paint Shades At Home Depot

If you're planning on painting your home soon, you'll get to experience the joys — and frustrations — of the famous yet borderline antagonistic paint aisle. The endless walls of paint swatches give you seemingly infinite choices but also require just as many no's (or, more likely, comparisons between two virtually identical shades). With so many options, it's easy to second guess yourself, struggle to make a decision, and ultimately end up burnt out before you even crack the tin of paint open. Chances are you'll even make a few mistakes in the buying process simply because you're overwhelmed.

While beige is a classic neutral and a great choice for just about any room, it's also one of those colors that comes in endless varieties. Plus, according to Home Depot's website, the retailer carries seven brands and offers five paint finishes, making it even harder to pick your final tin. Fortunately, we've rounded up some of our favorite options, helping to narrow down the options. While you'll still have to make the final decision, it's much easier to choose from a smaller selection.

Glidden Premium Best Beige

Sure, the name is a little on the nose. But Glidden Premium's Best Beige PPG1085-4 satin paint is a stunning shade — and has the reviews to back it up. With a 4.3 star rating and 625 reviews, it's clear that the paint is a big hit (though some reviews have admittedly been imported from Glidden's own website).

In general, reviewers' comments are a great way to gauge what to expect from a can of paint. Reviewer "WV" shopped online but was happy to find that the paint was well-mixed when it arrived and matched the on-screen color. That being said, we do want to give a quick word of warning: while we're glad that things worked out for "WV," Quality Logo Products explains that colors will seldom look the same on different displays. As a result, we'd highly recommend viewing a paint color in person before purchase whenever possible, regardless of the brand or formula.

Behr Home Decorators Collection Ceylon Cream

According to Lick, if your room is filled with north-facing windows, it'll be flooded with cool tone light. To counter the harsh look, the paint company suggests painting your walls with a relatively soft, warm shade of beige — ideally, you're looking for something with hints of yellow.

At Home Depot, Behr's Ceylon Cream paint is a great slightly-yellow beige pick. Depending on the lighting, it can look like a true-to-color cream shade or a neutral off-white, perfect for a calming, cozy space like a bedroom or living room. Plus, according to the listing, the formula is scratch-resistant and easy to clean, while the lid includes a spout that's easier to open than a traditional paint can. The paint also has very impressive reviews — though they're presumably an aggregate for all the shades Behr offers on Home Depot, the retailer lists 2,238 ratings with a 4.8-star average.

Behr Dynasty Designer Collection Gray Envelope

If you'd prefer a relatively cool beige that's still welcoming, why not check out Behr's Gray Envelope paint? Since the color is technically neutral, it'll pair nicely with both warm and cool colors, giving you flexibility with decor (especially if you want to switch things up in the future). Plus, the shade feels much more inviting than a bleak, heavily cool-toned gray, making it perfect for a relaxed yet mature space.

If you own your home and may consider moving over the next couple of years, Grey Envelope may even help boost your home's value. According to UpNest, neutral paint shades can lead to higher sale prices, making them worth the paint tin's weight in gold (or at least silver). The site also says that buyers may appreciate the fact that your walls are beige (as opposed to another neutral color, such as grey or olive green) since it is generally easy to paint over should they choose to switch things up.