3 Pointers To Help You Sell Your Home This Autumn

Although spring may be considered the ideal time to list a home, there are benefits to selling in the autumn, according to Engel & Völkers. Since most people shop for homes from March through May, springtime has more competition. This is also the busy season for realtors and mortgage companies, so even if you find a property, the time you have to wait to move in will probably be longer than other times of the year.

If you are considering selling your house in the autumn, you may need to take a few extra steps to make it stand out from the rest. Home sales tend to slow down at this time because families are busy preparing for a new school year. However, a little home maintenance and seasonal curb appeal will entice buyers, so going the extra mile to make your house feel homey will pay off both in the speed of your sale and your asking price.

Embrace seasonal décor

Sure, spring has bright blooms, but autumn has the benefit of changing leaves. Embrace the season of cozy sweaters, warm blankets, and pumpkin spice by adding seasonal décor inside your home and out. Pottery Barn suggests selecting warm colors like gold, orange, red, and yellow for your color palette. Start by adding a seasonal wreath to your front door to create a focal point, then go for a variety of textures and shapes to increase visual interest. Consider orange and white pumpkins in different sizes, along with glass lanterns to add some warm lighting. Although naturally fallen leaves are a true sign of autumn, they make a lawn look messy, so keep those cleaned up.

To add fall touches indoors, keep autumn décor minimal and tasteful. A beautiful tablescape set for a fall feast is inviting and will entice your potential buyers to imagine a future of meals surrounded by friends and family. If you have a mantel, this is another space to add a few touches of fall décor, selecting neutral items that match your existing home design. New fluffy blankets and fresh throw pillows will also help make your home feel warm and cozy.

Appeal to the clients' senses

Imagine walking into a home with stark fluorescent light — the shock to the senses would be off-putting from the moment you walk through the door. In contrast, a home that is too dark may make a buyer feel like the current homeowner is hiding something. It is important to strike a balance with the right kind of light so your potential buyer is comfortable. When you are preparing for a viewing, turn on all your lamps, but keep the overhead light off unless it is the only light in the room. Opt for bulbs that put off warm light in your lamps to keep the space bright but cozy.

The smell is another sense that you can use to your benefit. Everyone knows the smell of autumn, with cinnamon, spices, pine, orange, and vanilla being the most popular. Adding aromatics to your home before a showing doesn't take much work. Kosher.com suggests simmering apple cider to create an inviting scent the moment your potential buyers open the door. Since it is not safe to keep the stove on while you are gone, use a crock pot to create this sensory experience.

Have the furnace and other systems serviced

Potential buyers want to know that the home they are considering has been properly maintained. For example, Bell Bros recommends that you service your home's furnace once or twice a year, but always in the fall before turning on the heat. Basic maintenance includes examining and cleaning parts of the furnace that tend to break the most, like the fan and heat exchanger. New home buyers do not want to spend even more money servicing the furnace system in the house or on costly repairs, so taking care of this task before listing your property will help ease potential buyers' minds.

While you have things around the house serviced, consider checking your water heater, air conditioning unit, garbage disposal, and other equipment like whole-home generators. Show your potential buyer your maintenance and repair records if you have them. The more you do ahead of time to make buyers confident in their investment, the faster your house will sell for your asking price.