The 5 Best Crystals For Your Home If You Need To Open Your Third Eye Chakra

If there's one chakra you need to tap into, it's your third eye. Your third eye chakra is one of, if not the most powerful chakra; this body part is an internal resource and guide to trust your life, process, and most importantly, yourself. It's located in the center of your forehead between your eyes and connects to your heart, mind, intuition, body, and spirit, according to Tiny Rituals.

When your third eye is open, you feel internally balanced, and you'll move in the world as your most authentic self: You're being true to your decisions, feelings, and thoughts by honoring them and letting your self-limiting beliefs go. You'll experience positive thoughts, strong intuition, and psychic abilities, but most importantly, you'll feel powerfully in tune with yourself and the universe on a much deeper level. You'll flow through life as your higher self. Your perspectives will change, as will your view of the world.

The healing properties of third eye chakras are one of a kind, and if you're unfamiliar with them, it's nothing like you've ever experienced before in all the best ways. The best thing yet is that you can reap this blissful energy right from the comfort of your home. So whether you're on a spiritual journey or just starting one, here are five of the best crystals you need in your home to open up your third eye chakra.

1. Amethyst

Amethyst is the most popular and frequently used crystal for healing the third eye chakra, according to Gemstagram. Amethyst is the primary stone of spirituality and all things third eye, and with all of its purple glory, it gives an overwhelmingly needed calmness over your mind, body, and spirit.

This stone works as a reminder that because you are connected to the spiritual realm at all times, you're a powerful being, and the universe is on your side. It brings you to the next level of your spiritual journey, bringing you peace, harmony, and clarity of the mind in the process, so if you're currently craving more of this energy, this crystal is perfect for your home.

It's also used for healing addiction struggles and nerve and brain disorders, according to Gemstagram. The crystal stops headaches, calms energy, and activates healthy sleep patterns. You'll remember your dreams, calm your nerves and frustrations, and amplify your connection to Source during mindful meditations. With this crystal, you're one with the universe, so if you're ready, tap in. It's one of a kind and one of the best.

2. Labradorite

When your third eye chakra is blocked, you will physically feel it in a number of ways. You may experience insomnia, headaches, ear or eye problems, your emotions and hormones may feel scattered, and you won't trust yourself. As a result of this, you may also experience stress, anxiety, stagnancy, moodiness, indecisiveness, and irritability, Tiny Rituals says.

According to Kellee Maize, labradorite opens up the third eye while simultaneously protecting it from negative vibes. This blue stone of protection wards off negative energy, emotions, negative thinking, and self-perceptions that are keeping you from becoming a better version of yourself. As a throat and crown chakra stone, labradorite is a crystal anyone struggling with speaking up for themselves or speaking their truth should have. If you're navigating any major life changes or decisions, you want this stone for staying grounded and looking within yourself for guidance, wisdom, and internal power.

Labradorite has a history of being a powerful stone for opening the third eye chakra. According to Cape Cod Crystals, in ancient times, this crystal was considered to have fallen from the frozen fire of the aurora borealis to Earth. As a result, it's known to enhance intuition, ward off negative energy, and transmute negative thought patterns into positive ones. Because blue and purple are powerful colors for the third eye chakra, this stone is exactly what you need in your home to elevate.

3. Sodalite

Sodalite takes you to deeper depths you've never experienced before. With its ocean-like energy, you'll be reminded of the internal divine power that you've always possessed. This crystal is perfect for moving out of a negative space into a positive one. It promotes the energy of logic, sensibility, and inner truth. If you're looking to relax your mind and soul and center your scattered thoughts, then you want sodalite.

Sodalite is the perfect crystal for clearing your mind of the chaos and finding trust and confidence in yourself again. It helps you to think rationally and logically and create a healthy emotional balance by removing fear and focusing on having more faith in yourself, according to Gemstagram. In addition, it will work in changing your perspective and mindset from negative to positive, thinking about who you are and your morals and values, so you can properly deal with and navigate work, relationships, and situations with the best positive outcome in mind for you.

4. Azurite

According to Kellee Maize, if planet Earth was a dazzling gemstone, it would be azurite. Azurite is for tapping deeper into your intuition as well as enhancing your psychic abilities. It's the prominent crystal for redefining your vision and understanding your psychic abilities. It cleanses your emotions and connects your heart chakra to the third eye. The third eye chakra is your intuition; it's where your clarity lies, internal wisdom, and higher self. So the more connected to your third eye you are, the stronger your intuition will be.

Kellee Maize recommends meditating with this stone if your third eye chakra is blocked. Using this crystal is one of the top ways to find balance in your mind, enhance your spiritual awareness, and improve your productivity. The more you meditate, the more open your third eye chakra will be. With this stone, the more you're willing to tap in with yourself, the better you'll understand yourself, others, and the bigger picture of life.

5. Clear quartz

Clear quartz is known as the stone of master healing because of its powerful ability to charge other crystals, according to Gemstagram. It works to clear, activate, and increase all of your seven chakras. For example, when your third eye chakra is active and open, you simply flow through life as your high vibrational self because your perception has evolved, as has your way of thinking and attitude.

You won't think the same as the previous version of yourself, and the way you deal with things will be better. You will experience an improvement in the quality of your thoughts that you send out into the universes, shifting from negativity and doubt to positive self-confidence, making it easier for you to manifest. It also enhances your intuition. If you want to increase your spiritual protection, Gemstagram recommends wearing clear quartz to protect yourself from people sending you negative energy.