The Best Pink Paint Shade At Home Depot

Looking for a subtle way to make your room seem more bright or playful? Always dreamed of living in a pink bubblegum home? Whether you opt for a bright or muted shade, pink is always a fun wall color choice and a great way to refresh your home! Pink walls even have an interesting place in psychology's history. According to Color Matters, Dr. Alexander Schauss claimed that a particular shade of bubblegum pink (which he dubbed "Baker-Miller Pink") was incredibly calming, so prisons began to paint their walls with the color. Unfortunately, the plan backfired — admittedly, there was a short-term decrease in aggression, but prisoners actually became more violent over time as they began to associate Baker-Miller Pink with their dangerous environment.

While you shouldn't necessarily count on your paint job to drastically change your mood, it can nevertheless be exciting to revitalize your home with a fresh coat of paint. To help narrow the search for the perfect paint color, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite pink paints at Home Depot (don't worry, Baker-Miller Pink didn't make the cut).

Behr Premium Cranapple Cream

If you're looking for a bright yet mature pink, you can't go wrong with Behr Premium's Cranabble Cream. The millennial pink-esque shade is familiar but not necessarily exhausted, making it a safe pick. Plus, if you managed to accumulate any millennial pink décor when the color was popular, chances are that it'll already match with the new wall shade.

In addition to featuring this fabulous color, Behr's Premium formula also comes with a ton of perks. According to the Home Depot listing, the formula is stain and scratch-resistant and can be cleaned with soap and water (all of which are major pluses when dealing with such light-colored walls). Additionally, Cranapple Cream has a built-in primer, so you won't have to worry about getting rid of stubborn underlying colors. The brand also claims that the formula is low-odor, so there shouldn't be too many noticeable fumes.

Glidden Premium Ballerina

Sometimes, minimalism is best. If you'd prefer to go with a light, neutral pink, we'd recommend Glidden Premium's Ballerina shade. While the color isn't quite light enough to be considered off-white, it's still subdued that bright furniture or decor will take center stage (making it easy to switch up the room's look if you want a change).

Worried about kids ruining the paint? Glidden Premium's formula is practically child-proof. The product listing says that once dried, the paint is washable and can withstand scrubbing — a feature that'll come in handy if a few kids decide that Ballerina is the perfect background color for their latest work of art. And while we haven't tested this feature ourselves, numerous reviewers have backed Glidden's claims up. Consumer Tanmara even notes that she was able to remove "[c]hocolate, pencil, crayons, [and] indiscernible goop" — not a bad deal if you have little ones running around.

Behr Ultra Little Princess

Searching for the perfect shade of pink for a spunky kid's room? Behr Ultra's Little Princess is an unapologetically bright hue. Plus, the formula itself is kid friendly. The product listing says that it's easy to clean, durable, and scratch resistant, so you won't have to worry too much if the walls are temporarily converted into royal racetracks.

The impressive reviews (Home Depot lists a 4.8-star rating and 1,747 reviews, presumably covering different shades of Behr Ultra) are full of happy parents, too. Customer Bkpk123 writes that "2 kids do a number on our walls. This paint stands up to them," while NHuck, a parent of four, is happy to note that the paint "hold[s] up remarkably well." Another boon for parents, regardless of the children's current age? Behr's Ultra formula claims to cover any existing stains on the walls. In other words, the paint might be able to cover those scratch marks that your now-teenager made a decade ago.