Is There Such A Thing As Having Too Many Throw Pillows?

There's a certain aesthetic that comes with having multiple throw pillows on a furniture surface, whether it's a bed, couch, or comfy chair. They can make a space feel cozy and inviting, but it can also feel overwhelming if you have too many of them in one place. 

How many throw pillows is too many throw pillows? Depending on your home decor style, you may or may not think such a thing exists. Contrary to what you might believe, there is, in fact, such a thing as having too many throw pillows. However, having one too many throw pillows isn't necessarily always determined by the number of pillows. In fact, it can be determined by the size of your furniture and room decor. Having too many throw pillows can make a space look and feel cluttered. Furthermore, according to Home Decor Bliss, the number of pillows you have on your bed directly affects how well you sleep.

The less, the better

Whether or not you have too many throw pillows mostly varies from person to person. However, a good indication that you have too many throw pillows on your couch or bed is if you have a designated chair or area where the pillows go after you remove them, which tends to build up or if you can't lay down without removing them, according to Kristina Wolf's House of Design

There is no one right answer, but if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or irritated by the sight of multiple throw pillows in your space, this is another good indication that you don't need as many as you have. Home Decor Bliss recommends not having more than eight throw pillows, and even that's still a bit much. Because most throw pillows are for style and ambiance, you don't need a bunch of them because they're just going to take up unnecessary space. Less is more with the right decor.

Do what works for you

Using throw pillows for home decor can make or break a room depending on how they're placed and styled. Throw pillows bring comfort and are visually appealing when paired with the right texture, color, and accessories. The number of throw pillows you have may depend on the vibe of your space. 

If you're a throw pillow lover, use a bundle of them in different areas of a room, whether it's your bed, couch, or chair. For example, consider a set number of pillows that will work from two to four for your bedroom and living room. Kristina Wolf's House of Design recommends using three, so it's visually appealing. If you want to use fewer pillows with style, consider using the pillow chop method as a way to spruce up the decor. If you think using fewer pillows will take away from the space, combine throw pillows of different textures, designs, and accents.