Should You Get Central Air Conditioning Or A Mini-Split?

As summer slowly starts coming to an end, you may already be thinking of some repairs and upgrades you can make before the next heat wave comes around, for example, replacing your air conditioner. Air conditioners have become increasingly important in today's society, regardless of location. Aside from simply cooling down the temperature within your home, they are also known for reducing humidity and increasing the overall physical comfort you feel inside your home (per Energy Saver).

Many modern houses have a central cooling system. Energy Saver explains that a central air conditioner works by pushing cool air through ducts and registers that circulate throughout your home. As effective as central air conditioning is, it has a few downsides. According to KCS Heating and Air, each room will have an even temperature that can not be customized without changing the temperature of the rest of the home. Central air conditioners, unfortunately, are also costly to both install and repair. Fortunately, there is another option. If you're looking for an air conditioning upgrade that is both affordable and allows differentiation, mini-split air conditioners may be perfect for you and your home. Let's take a closer look at everything this air conditioner has to offer.

The mini split air conditioner

According to Reliable Heating and Air, a mini-split air conditioner works by sucking in air and letting it heat or cool by rotating it through refrigerant coils before pushing it back out into the room. Then, the unwanted temperature left over will be released to the outdoor portion of the air conditioning unit.

Mini-split air conditioners work with a completely ductless system, which means they can be easily installed into your home. Unfortunately, unlike a central air conditioning system, you need at least one mini-split per room to effectively heat or cool your home, which, depending on the size of your home, can become rather expensive. Once the systems are installed, however, they provide a high quality of conditioned air and are very energy efficient. Reliable Heating and Air specifically states that these air conditioners are also much safer than space heaters, which are a leading cause of house fires in the United States.

Despite all the benefits a mini-split air conditioner can bring to you and your home, this air conditioning system is known for malfunctioning during extreme temperatures. Along with its potential malfunctions, the unit can also be a hassle to maintain and takes away from the visual appeal of your home. If you live in a ductless home, small apartment, or multi-family home, however, this air conditioning system's benefits may outweigh these few downsides.