20 Home Catio Ideas For Your Feline Fur Babies

If you have an indoor cat that likes to explore, they probably sit by the window and watch the birds fly by. Maybe they meow at squirrels. Perhaps they try to dart out the door every time you leave your home. If any of this is true for your cat, you may want to build them a catio.

Catio Spaces defines a catio, or a cat patio, as an outdoor space that's enclosed, typically by wire fencing. This area allows your indoor cat to stay safe while they explore the great outdoors. Cats are naturally drawn to the outside world. They want to play in the grass, watch critters, and bat at flowers. To give them all the benefits of the outside world without exposing them to wildlife or weather dangers, you could build them a catio. These spaces can also provide a fun space for your cat to get some much needed exercise. If you're thinking about adding a catio to your home, below are 20 ideas to create the perfect outdoor space for your fur babies.

1. Lay fake grass

Fake grass is typically used for the base of catio enclosures. This space also has lots of cozy places for the cats to curl up. 

2. Build a ramp

Adding a cat ramp can make your multi-leveled catio safe for your fur babies. Of course, most cats can jump pretty high, but adding a ramp gives them the option of a leisurely stroll, too. 

3. Surround in fence wire

Most cat patios are surrounded by fence wire to keep the cats safe from predators and to keep them enclosed in a small space. 

4. Include a pet door

Adding a pet door will allow your fur babies to travel from inside to the outside world whenever they please. A cat door could be added to a door or a window. 

5. Protect your cats from the weather

To give your cats a safe place to spend outside all year round, build a roof over the catio. This will protect your cats from rain, snow, and other weather changes. 

6. Add lots of ledges

Including many ledges will allow your cats to climb to new heights and will give them lots of areas to lounge or bird watch. 

7. Create places to perch

Skinny ledges can also be great places for cats to perch. Don't overestimate the amount of space a cat needs to feel comfortable. They can fit themselves into and onto just about anything. 

8. Expand a window

To give your indoor cat just a small taste of the outdoors, you could expand your window. This will make your space pet-friendly and give them a ledge to see more clearly into the backyard. 

9. Go all out with a cat mansion

If you have lots of cats, or if your cat deserves the best treatment, you could transform your backyard into an enclosed cat oasis. This space has lots of different areas for your fur babies to explore. 

10. Build an enclosure on the patio

Or, you could build a smaller enclosure on an already existing patio. This could be open to the inside by a door or a pet door. 

11. Surround with greenery

A catio could be added to a lush garden space. This would give your cats a real taste of nature and would probably give them the best chance at seeing some squirrels, mice, and birds. 

12. Create the perfect wooden enclosure

A catio could also be constructed from wood. This catio is partially made of wire to give the cats areas to look out into the yard, but it also has a more private area made of wood. Including a litter box in this space could also help your home smell fresher.  

13. Include a tunnel

If you have multiple outdoor cat areas and you want to connect them, try adding a wire fence tunnel. Your cats will love being able to traverse through your yard. 

14. Construct a small catio

A small catio on the side of your home could give your cats the perfect place to birdwatch and get some fresh air. 

15. Add an elevated tunnel

An elevated tunnel could be used to connect two areas of a catio. This could be constructed on the side of your home or fence or be freestanding. 

16. Build a cat tree

Cat trees are common pieces of furniture many cat owners bring into their homes for their fur babies to lounge on. You could construct a more natural-looking cat tree out of the trunk and branches of an actual tree. 

17. Include skinny ledges

To provide your cats with many fun climbing opportunities, include lots of skinny ledges of various heights. 

18. Wrap a tree in rope

To DIY a scratching post, surround a tree with rope. This will protect the base of the tree and also give your fur babies the perfect place to claw. 

19. Build on an elevated porch

A catio could also be built on an elevated porch. This is a great idea for apartment owners who want their cat to enjoy the porch while still being safe. 

20. Add large ledges for rest

Large ledges will give your cats places to hang out together and play. Multiple ledges will give them lots of places to explore.