3 Creative Ways To Decorate A Bar Cart That Don't Involve Alcohol

Having your own home bar cart is one of the best adult pastimes, and alcohol has nothing to do with it. It's 2022; the days of bar carts being used for only alcohol are over. There are plenty of unique and inspiringly fun ways to decorate your home bar cart without actually having a bar. Instead, bar carts have become a popular decor accessory for style and storage. 

There are so many accessories you can use to style your bar cart, and the exciting part is you can make it exactly what you want. Whether you change it up every so often or keep it entirely the same majority of the time is up to you. Invest in the appearance of your bar cart and create the bar cart of your dreams. Get into three innovative, non-alcoholic ways to design a timeless bar cart that never grows out of style.

Personal touches are important

Designing your bar cart to reflect your personality is key. If you're a dedicated plant mom, make it a plant home for all your plant babies and future plant babies to come as a way to liven and transform the space. The more plants, the merrier. If living plants are not ideal for you, faux plants are a great way to go and look just as nice. Make it cute by incorporating hanging vines, colorful vases, and wool materials to give it an earthy feel.

If you're a lover of oil diffusers, sage, and candles, make it your own personal scent station for aromatherapy, essential oils, and incense. Eucalyptus and lavender are the perfect soothing scents for unwinding after a long day. If you're a dedicated book collector, store a collection of your favorite books, or if you want a little bit of everything, create a beautiful arrangement of a plant or two, candles, books, small artwork, or a small lineup of your favorite photos.

Go with a theme

If you're not sure how to personalize your bar cart, Cottage Living and Style recommends incorporating a creative theme as a starting point for purpose and decor. Go for something chic and unique like a coffee or tea bar, a summer drink station with water, refreshers, and fruit, or a seasonal holiday bar cart. Who wouldn't want to wake up to their own personal coffee cart every morning? If you're a coffee lover and it's a necessity that you have it every single morning, save money at home and create your own little coffee corner/station right from the comfort of your home.

Store your coffee cart with a coffee maker, tea kettle, mugs, spoons, fun straws, pretty napkins, favorite spices, syrups, and of course, your favorite coffee and tea flavors. It's easy to design and efficient, and you won't have to stop daily for coffee on your way to work.

Party favors!

What's a party without party favors? If you're not hosting a party or group event while using your home bar cart, you're doing it all wrong. Your home cart is the perfect display for party goods or even a dessert display. Invite your friends over and host a binge-worthy movie night with your favorite snacks, and create a movie theater vibe by stocking your favorite snacks and treats you'd get from the movie theater with festive decorations.

If you want to go over the top and give your friends the movie night home experience they deserve, LC Living recommends stocking your cart with a popcorn maker, drinks in fun cups, candy, a small slushie machine, and colorful straws. Your cart can also come in handy for other events such as birthdays, an at-home date night, and for simple storage around the house in any room.