5 Savvy Ways To Incorporate Yellow Into Your Home Decor

For many, yellow is a hue that exudes happiness. According to a report published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, in the U.S., the association between yellow and joy is pretty high — about 70% (via the American Association for the Advancement of Science). The study found a connection between average temperature and how people feel about the color yellow (and 11 other colors in the survey, for that matter).

Now, how about yellow as a design element? Per Zillow, the color can make a difference, noting that yellow kitchens sell for $1,400 more on average than all-white kitchens, which may come as a surprise to some (like the 30% above who didn't associate yellow with joy). Florida-based interior designer Andrew Howard told The Boston Globe that if you don't want to go all-out with yellow or feel the color is too bold, you can always opt to bring in yellow accessories, which are easy enough to swap out later.

For more ideas, keep scrolling to see how you can incorporate the color yellow into your home's decor, too.

1. Paint a wall in your kitchen

An accent wall is a common way to bring in plenty of interest to a space, and that couldn't be more true than choosing a bold color like yellow and making a splash on your kitchen walls. If you're thinking: that will wake me up in the morning, you're absolutely right. This bright, eye-popping hue will undoubtedly put a pep in your step and can be an excellent way to begin the day before rushing the kids off to school or heading off to the office.

This particular bright yellow color (pictured above) looks great with neutral and muted tones found in the rest of the room, from the white cabinets to the natural wood shelf, it's a win-win for sure. If you're having a hard time thinking about which accent wall to paint, Walla Painting recommends painting the wall you first see as soon as you enter a room, as well as a wall that doesn't have any interruptions like a door or window, which is sound advice.

According to Emily Henderson, accent walls can be great for drawing your attention to architectural details in the room and add some much-needed contrast to an otherwise basic room.

2. Add an accent piece

If you don't want to go bold with a bright yellow accent wall, you can always opt to bring in a colorful accent piece instead. A chair, a table, or a rug can be all you need to get yellow incorporated into your space. Doing so can make a room pop and finding the right yellow accent can be the best part of your design project. Finding the perfect piece can really bring a unique quality to your chosen room, as Samantha Orley of Orley Interiors told Insider.

Speaking to CNN Underscored, interior designer Stephanie Brown advised that homeowners can also play with texture, shape, and color when decorating a room. But really, you could choose any furniture you want to bring in a dose of color like yellow. Scour vintage shops and estate sales for furniture that tells a story, from pretty dressers to consoles, and give them a new paint job with a bright yellow color.

3. Incorporate yellow accessories

This punched-up room (pictured above) has an assortment of different colors that have been added to the space, from the console to a wide variety of colorful pillows. Our eyes are instantly drawn to the mustard yellow pillow and throw blanket that dresses up the basic gray couch, so if you're looking to bring in yellow to your home's decor, this is an excellent way to do it: with accessories.

As The Washington Post points out, pillows can be easily swapped out depending on the season. Speaking to the Post, interior designer Virginia Tucker explains that pillows are less of a design commitment than adding the material to a chair, while still giving your space an eclectic feeling, depending on the fabric, pattern, and/or color. Sarah Muir of Coco Republic agrees, noting that using different shapes, sizes, and textures is an excellent way to dress up a room (via Chris Cortazzo).

4. Hang some eye-popping art

Another excellent way to add pops of yellow to your home's decor is by creating a unique gallery wall with eye-popping artwork. Feel free to use different shades of the hue, from mustard to golden yellow. Similar rules apply to a gallery wall in that you can opt to feature different sizes and styles, which adds lots of interest.

Karen Hernandez, manager of product development and art reproductions at the Museum of Modern Art, told The New York Times that a gallery wall is an excellent way to make a "personal statement." "To me," she said, "the most inspiring walls are those that mix a variety of artworks representing a range of media, from photographs to drawings, mixed in with personal mementos like children's artwork or souvenirs from one's travels."

According to interior designer Alina Wolhardt of Boston's Wolf in Sheep Design, homeowners or renters can add these types by choosing a central focal piece, selecting a theme, and experimenting with different art to make your gallery wall stand out (via Boston Magazine).

5. Showcase yellow with flowers

If you have neutral decor in your living room or bedroom but still want to bring in a pop of yellow, consider adding a beautiful bouquet to your space. Flowers immediately would dress up a coffee table or a side table. A bouquet is a great reminder to stop and smell the "flowers” (and sip some tea) and to relax a little; plus, it looks great.

According to FloraQueen, having fresh flowers in your home has some benefits, including cleaning the air, putting you (and your family) in a better mood, and complementing your interior design. Lily's Florist, meanwhile, says having flowers in your home can even improve your relationships as the presence of flora can make people more empathetic, which is a great reason to pick up a colorful (yellow) bouquet during your next grocery store run.

This said, faux flowers are also a great way to decorate, and with a few steps, you can easily make them look as authentic as the real thing.