35% Of People Are All-In On This Wallpaper Trend For Accent Walls

The word "wallpaper" used to conjure images of homes from the 1960s and 70s that consisted of boldly colored earth tones and distinctive prints. The term also made people think of their grandparents' dainty houses with florals or kitschy cottage scenes. Though nostalgic, these wallpapers had people shying away from the interior styling option for many decades. But now, it is back on the market with more contemporary designs, and everyone from designers to homeowners is loving this feature again.

Many are opting to use wallpaper in their spaces rather than paint. According to Primetime Paint & Paper, wallpaper can be more durable than paint and adds a unique touch to any room. The wallpaper trend is sweeping the design world, but what are the top trends? House Digest conducted a survey of 596 people to find out their preferred wallpaper style. The race was tight, but the majority of people reported that their favorite wallpaper trend is . . .

Monochromatic wallpaper is the favorite

The majority of people — 206 to be exact or about 34.56% of respondents — who reacted to the survey reported that monochromatic wallpaper is the preferred style for their homes. So what is monochromatic in interior décor? Monochromatic means using one color in the design. It's often confused with achromatic, a color scheme using black, white, and gray, says L'atelier Kauldhar. However, people often use monochromatic to incorrectly refer to a black and white color scheme.

You can use any shade to create a monochromatic color scheme, which is probably why people love this trend for their homes. Monochrome wallpapers add a lot of color without overwhelming the space, making this styling option fit well with a plethora of aesthetics. The key to mastering a monochromatic color scheme is to layer the colors. Choose one base color, then create accent shades by altering the hues and saturations of the base color. These varied combinations together create a harmonious design.

Florals and geometric prints are strong contenders

But monochromatic wallpapers aren't the only trend people are loving. In second place was floral with 125 votes or 20.97% of the respondents. Floral prints can add texture, dimension, and color to a space while also introducing softness and femininity. There are also plenty of floral prints, so you can choose the one that best fits your space. There are floral prints that feature blooms of both small and large sizes. Some look like watercolor or line drawings, others look more realistic, and others are more abstract. No matter your floral wallpaper, you can find the perfect print to make a statement.

Geometric wallpaper was a close third, with 118 respondents, or 19.80% of the votes, saying this option was their favorite. Geometric wallpaper is similar to floral print because there are many styles to choose from. Some geometric wallpapers feature bright colors in their design, while others are simple black and white. According to Wallpapers To Go, large patterns can add excitement and a bold focal point; in contrast, small patterns are more subtle and peaceful. You can also find geometric prints that are either more contemporary or more traditional so that you can find the perfect wallpaper print for your space.