The Real Reason Kitchen Cabinets Don't Go Up To The Ceiling

Ceiling height kitchen cabinets have recently grown in popularity. These are cabinets that extend from above the counter all the way to the ceiling. However, not every house has this design. Other homes have cabinets that leave a foot or two between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets, per Wolf Home Products. There are many opinions on how tall kitchen cabinets should be. While there are significant advantages to ceiling cabinets, there are also some disadvantages, too. Designer Appliances says that when it comes to choosing kitchen cabinets, these are the main things you need to consider: your budget, style, and specific needs.

If you live in a home with wall cabinets that don't reach the ceiling, you may be wondering why. You could also be considering whether ceiling cabinets would look right in your space. There are a few main reasons why some cabinets don't reach the ceiling and some things you'll need to know to decide what cabinets are right for your kitchen.

Why some cabinets don't reach the ceiling

According to Wolf Home Products, the main factor why cabinets don't reach the ceiling is because of the preferred appearance. Some people think that too many cabinets can make a space look overly crowded or cluttered. Leaving a space between the ceiling and the top of the cabinets can make a kitchen feel more clean and airy. 

They also say that if you have a sloped ceiling, cabinets most likely won't be able to extend up to the ceiling. Neat Ceiling says that tall ceilings above 10 feet may not look great with tall cabinets because they could make the space feel overwhelming. It could also be extra difficult to reach the top cabinets, even when using a ladder. They add that ceilings with a beam or coffered details may not look cohesive with ceiling cabinets. The final reason why some kitchens have extra space on top of the cabinets is because of budget factors. Signature Kitchens Inc says that ceiling cabinets are more expensive to install.

The pros and cons of ceiling cabinets

If you're trying to decide how high to lift your cabinets, it's important to consider the pros and cons of kitchen ceiling cabinets. Fidelity Builders & Design, Inc says that ceiling cabinets add extra storage space because the cabinets are higher. They also make it easier to keep the kitchen cabinets clean since there's no space on top of the cabinets where dust and dirt could collect. Finally, some people prefer the polished look of taller cabinets.

However, as stated, ceiling cabinets will cost more than ones that don't extend to the ceiling. Another concern is that things could fall out of the cabinets and break since the items would fall from a taller height. It's more difficult to reach taller cabinets. You'll need a step ladder, and this could pose safety risks, per Signature Kitchens Inc. Finally, tall kitchen cabinets won't allow you to add decorative elements like crown molding to your kitchen later without lowering your cabinets. Leaving space between the cabinets and the ceiling will give you more options if you decide to change the appearance of your kitchen later.