3 Clever Renovation Ideas Perfect For Dog Lovers

When it comes to owning pets, a lot of effort, time, and money gets involved. From the necessities and care they need to how much these necessities cost, having a pet you love isn't always an easy job. For dogs, this can be more of a tedious responsibility than for other pets. While breeds and sizes vary tremendously, their wants and specific needs vary just as much. Some dogs may need one thing, while others may need something completely different. However, no matter the dog and no matter their desires, whenever you own one, your life will change.

Along with your life changing, your house will change as well. It is no longer just you or your spouse's house. You now share this space with another living being, and it will inevitably show. According to Dogtime, things that will change will most likely include your schedule, when you'll be able to leave your house, and the amount of dog hair you will now see everywhere. However, you must also remember that this is necessary if you want to own a dog. Additionally, there are a few home renovations you can make as well. While it's not necessary to completely remodel your house, there are things you can do to make your new life as a dog owner easier. Furthermore, these things can also make your dog's life more comfortable as well. Here are three clever renovation ideas perfect for dog lovers.

1. Create a dog room

First, it's imperative to know that dogs need their own space. Just like humans, they need a comfortable place that they can go to at the end of the day. As Rover states, dogs are known to be territorial of their surroundings, things, and even their owners. Therefore, it's important for them to have their own separate place away from all the other things within your home. Usually, and typically for small dogs, many owners will opt to set up a dog bed and some blankets on the floor somewhere. While this is perfectly fine and a choice the owner should make, you could also give them a little more secluded space.

To do this, you could build your fur baby their own room. Now, we're not saying add on a room to your house or anything. However, you could convert a room or space specifically to just your dog. This can be anything from a spacious closet, an area under the stairs, or a small extra bedroom. The size of the room should greatly depend on the dog, as they will need room to stretch. Additionally, when you create a space for your dog, you can now decorate it. Aside from the necessities such as the bed, blankets, and pillows, you can add a ton of fun decor as well. A cute personalized sign with your dog's name on it or a simple portrait can make it cozier for your pet.

2. Install a doggy door

While this may seem one of the most obvious renovations, you can always install a doggy door for your pet. Of course, this goes to say if you have both an indoor and outdoor dog. This is the perfect idea for busy pet owners or hyper dogs. It's almost crucial if both of these apply. It'll make your life easier as you won't have to let them in and out so they can go as they please.

One important fact about dogs is that they need a lot of exercise. According to Dogtime, most dog breeds need anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of exercise on a daily basis. Of course, this greatly depends on the breed, as some dogs may require more while others need much less. Obviously, at least for the bigger breeds, this should be done outdoors, so you don't destroy your home.

Installing a doggy door can take care of their needs with ease. There are many dog door varieties out there to choose from. You can always get a simple, cheap doggy door to try it out. However, once you cut a space in your door, it will be hard to go back. If stray animals are a cause for concern, some dog doors allow you to close and lock them. This is a great idea for times when you are not home or at night when the stray animals come out.

3. Invest in a standing walk-in shower

Lastly, and most important for large breeds, you can opt to have a standing shower within your home. If you already have one, then you know how easy it makes giving your dog a bath. If you don't have one, then you are truly missing out. A standing shower makes it easy for your pet to just walk in the shower for their bath. Bathtubs work great, too; however, it can be hard to lift a dog up and into the bath for some people, especially the elderly or disabled. A walk-in shower allows for no lifting as the dog can freely walk in.

For those with outside dogs, it's crucial to give your dogs a bath on a regular basis as the outside is filled with tons of germs. According to Waterpik, your pet's fur is vulnerable to many different types of dirt and bacteria. This can then cause allergies for both you and your dog. Even if your dog doesn't seem dirty, it's still best to bathe them as there are many germs you can't see. It can help soften your pet's fur and cut back on shedding. It's also the perfect place to spend one-on-one time with your fur baby, which may not happen regularly. Clearly, with all of these many benefits, there's no reason not to bathe your dog. A standing show can help with this tremendously and efficiently.