Are The Least Expensive Bookcases At West Elm Worth Buying?

Whether you are an avid reader or want to become one, you should consider investing in a bookcase for your home. The Science Times explains that books play a very important role in a human's life. They not only tell stories but also record history and provide us with knowledge. Although many books are starting to be replaced with virtual copies that don't take up physical space, there is still something special about owning physical copies of books. So, to keep your books organized and physically accessible, your new bookcase is sure to come in handy.

There are a variety of stores that can provide you with beautiful, high-quality bookcases. One of the more notable stores is West Elm. Although West Elm is known for luxurious furniture pieces, they also tend to have rather expensive prices. Fortunately, when it comes to bookcases, they have a variety of cheaper furniture pieces, as well. Join us in taking a closer look at a few of the least expensive bookcases at West Elm and discovering if they are really worth buying.

Ladder leaning bookshelf

One of the cheapest and best-selling bookcases at West Elm is their Ladder Leaning Bookshelf. Typically, this furniture item is sold for $329, although there are often sales when it can be nearly $100 less than its original price. Although the size of the bookcase is rather small, providing only five shelves with 25 inches of space on each shelf, it is perfect for an emerging book lover or someone looking to create a small display of their favorite books.

According to the image presented on West Elm, this bookcase is a beautiful and unique way to present your books anywhere in your home. The diverse style is able to fit into a variety of small spaces. Although the leaning design of the piece of furniture may be a bit concerning, the structure is made with a sturdy wooden frame that will keep your books and other valuables safe while they are displayed.

Zane bookshelf

For only $399, another bookcase design is the Zane Bookshelf by West Elm. Although this bookcase is a bit more expensive than the Ladder Leaning Bookshelf, it offers a lot more space. West Elm specifically states that the furniture item has five shelves with a total of 15 square inches of space per shelf. Each shelf can also hold up to 48.2 pounds, making it perfect for any books you may have.

This shelf is perfect when wanting to continue an elegant style within your home or kick your current home style up a notch. West Elm states that this bookcase is beloved for its touches of shiny brass and white lacquer finish. Its ability to be used in a variety of different ways is also admirable. Even if you are not a book fanatic, this shelf is also great for holding decorative storage baskets or any sort of prized possession you wish to display.

Horizontal cubby bookcase

If you are looking for a bookcase for a child's roomWest Elm provides a Horizontal Cubby Bookcase that is available for $399. Although this cheap bookcase only has four sections, you can add on two more sections for only $100 more. Regardless, each section of this bookcase is 13.8 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and 13 inches deep and can hold a durable total of 60 pounds. This makes the bookcase perfect for storing or presenting a wide range of picture books or children's chapter books you may have lying around your home.

West Elm explains that this bookcase is a valuable investment because it can be a functional addition to any child's bedroom or playroom by allowing your children to easily access their books or any other item that may be stored inside. Similar to the Zane Bookshelf, West Elm's Horizontal Cubby Bookcase can also be used in a variety of different ways. Along with holding books, this bookcase also has the perfect dimensions for presenting decorative storage baskets that can hold a variety of toys, art supplies, and more.