Unsellable Homes Shares The Ceiling Design That Instantly Elevates A Home

Twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis know what it takes to transform a home. The pair have a knack for spotting the potential of a home that's a diamond in the rough. On the HGTV show "Unsellable Houses," Lamb and Davis help homeowners who are desperate to sell their homes get the highest price. They transform these outdated homes to add value and stylish accents to make the designs stand out.

One feature the pair has been loving is a ceiling design. Ceilings are one place that is often forgotten when designing a space. But, according to Pigmentti, there has been a resurgence in decorating the fifth wall, mostly using wallpaper and paint to create a statement. These aren't the only ways you can make a ceiling feel special. In fact, Lamb and Davis have one material that they say, when added to a ceiling, can immediately elevate the home's design.

Board and batten ceiling

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis of "Unsellable Houses" had a brilliant idea for one of their homes. They wanted to add character to a cute cottage that had a small living space. Davis pitched the idea of a board and batten ceiling, and Lamb instantly loved the idea. Board and batten is a type of wood paneling that uses wood boards vertically nailed side by side with a narrow strip of wood fastened over the seams, says Blythe Building Company. Though it's popular for exterior siding, board and batten can be used inside the home as well.

Using board and batten in the renovated home created separation between the living room and kitchen that Lamb and Davis were pleased with. These ceilings add dimension to the space, similar to beadboard and coffers. The texture adds some visual interest while also making the living room look more sophisticated. According to Legacy Service, the material can range from $5 to $12 a square foot, so it can be pretty inexpensive to add to your ceilings.