What Is A Hercules Hook And How Do You Install It Right?

Hercules hooks are a type of wall fastener also sold under other brand names such as Monkey hooks. They are, according to Todays Homeowner, wire hangers that leave minimal drywall damage and require no tools to install.

Exactly how much weight a Hercules hook can hold depends on who you ask — although, for heavier loads, it is recommended to spread the weight across multiple hooks. The hooks work by pushing a tapered, J-shaped leg straight into and through the drywall. The hook is then twisted into place and the long rod on the other side braces against the drywall. This design means that with increased downward pressure on the hook side, the hidden arm of the Hercules hook increases its grip, according to Popular Mechanics.

If you've never heard of these amazing wall hangers, or if you vaguely remember the infomercials from back in the day, read on to find out how to correctly install the Hercules hook, as well as learn what happened when people decided to test their strength.

How do you install a Hercules hook?

Because of the way Hercules hooks work, you want to install them into an area of drywall that does not have a stud behind it — eHow explains that you might require a stud detector for this. Determine where you want to hang your object, this should give you locations for the Hercules Hooks on the wall. Mark ¼ inch above these locations. This is where the Hercules Hooks need to enter the drywall, so the hook itself will be at the correct height.

Push or screw the long, tapered end of the Hercules Hook into the wall. When you reach the curve, twist the hook to face upward, then push the Hercules Hook through until it is flush on both sides, explains Puls.

Your Hercules Hook is now ready to use. For heavier pieces, consider spreading the weight across 2, 3 or 4 Hercules Hooks. In order to easily remove the Hercules Hook, it is important to remember the shape of the Hercules Hook behind the wall. Pulling the curve through gently and in line will minimize the size of hole left in the drywall.

Do Hercules hooks really work?

Hercules hooks gained notoriety through late-night infomercials, where colorful characters make outlandish claims about their product, many of which seem just too good to be true. Understandably, this lead to many different news outlets deciding to test the true efficacy of the claims. 

WMBF News declared that the Hercules hook easily got a yes in their does it work? Test, holding everything they had to hang, with easy installation. Good Morning America said that the Hercules hook simply does what it says it will and that the infomercial deserves credit for how well it explains the way the product works. As a final testament, Does It Really Work gave the Hercules hook a thumbs-up review, praising its simple, foolproof design.

So, if you are looking for a simple way to hang up to 150 pounds from your drywall, with minimal damage, quick installation, and zero tools needed — look no further than the Hercules Hook.