5 Amazing Finds Hidden Away At Lowe's

Lowe's is one of the two largest home improvement giants in the U.S., combining traditional hardware store items with all the DIY materials you need, whether you're a pro or not. But, Lowe's also has unique products that bring together some of the best elements of home goods and outdoor recreation stores, making it even more of a one-stop shopping experience. According to Lowe's, they reach out to entrepreneurs and all types of businesses to find the best new products. These cool and amazing finds may seem hidden away in the retailer's many stores, but we're here to shine the spotlight on them!

One shopping tip for spotting the best prices at Lowe's is to understand their bright yellow pricing signage. According to Matt Granite, if it says "new lowest price," it's a temporary markdown price that could be further reduced, especially around holiday weekends. When the tag is marked clearance, you can count on that being the lowest price it will go. Come along for more incredible finds!

1. Appliances, fixtures and crafting tools

Did you know there are some really cool appliances sold at Lowe's? For example, a Kimchi refrigerator with temperature control technology keeps foods fresh for longer, especially foods that are fermented or cured like vegetables, meats, cheeses, and yogurts, per News Channel Nebraska. Another appliance that may catch your eye is the Ninja Foodi Air Fry Oven which crosses an extra large toaster oven with 10 times the power of a convection oven. This item will help you clear at least three other appliances off your kitchen counters! And don't forget that you can always grab ice cream makers and slush machines at Lowe's.

If you're doing a lot of traveling or camping in hot, humid weather, you may be particularly interested in the retailer's EasySpa Bidet. It's small, compact, and will keep you feeling clean and fresh. In the crafting category, you may be surprised to know that Lowe's sells a number of Cricut cutting machines, including starter packs and tool kits.

2. Outdoor games and sports equipment

Whether you want to row on land or the sea, Lowe's can get you going with a selection of rowing machines like their popular Xterra Fitness water rowing machine, kayaks, and paddle boards. You can outfit a home gym with yoga, pilates, strength training, or weight lifting equipment. In addition to outdoor sports equipment for golf or basketball, Lowe's has a range of fun outdoor games that will get you through the summer and Labor Day Weekend. Check out the variety of Nerf products, such as badminton racquets with oversized birdies that give you a fighting chance at hitting back or the Nerf retractable table tennis net that attaches to any table surface.

If you'd rather just watch everyone working up a sweat, you can find the perfect perch from Lowe's massive selection of outdoor furniture. Check to see if these items are on sale at this time of year at your local store. Both spectators and participants will appreciate tabletop and yard torches, some of which can be used with citronella oil, which will help keep the bugs away as you enjoy the cool evening. 

3. Self-care for you and your pets

Aches and pains begone! Lowe's is an unexpected source for a variety of items, including saunas, SteamSpa generators to turn your shower into a steam room, massagers, and foot baths. Some of these items are designed for stretching and recovery, like deep tissue and muscle massagers, while others simply get you to relax deeply. Lowe's hasn't forgotten about your best friend, feline or canine. There is a wide range of products designed to improve the quality of their lives, too! Pampered fur babies can enjoy water purifying fountains, enrichment activities, and an incredible assortment of goodies that will let them play, sleep and travel in comfort and style!

Dare we say that with the price of eggs these days, it's a good thing that Lowe's also provides for the comfort of your chickens. You can choose from a selection of coops and runs for your feathered friends, which also make good homes for rabbits...Easter eggs, anyone? 

4. Get your travel on

While you may have expected to find duffles and backpacks at Lowe's, did you know the retailer also sells luggage? A variety of hardshell, wheeled carry-on bags and sets, which include a backpack. They come in assorted colors and are sold with Mojo licensing, providing team and league logos. The sets are a great idea, especially since staffing shortages at airports often create problems with checked luggage. There are also kids' suitcases, garment bags, messenger bags, and tech cases, which come with a three-outlet power strip and room for all your chargers and cords. Don't forget to pick up a neck pillow, luggage tags, and other travel necessities to make the trip easier.

In case long-distance travel is not part of your plan, Lowe's offers a selection of picnic baskets and caddies in all sorts of sizes, not only depending on the number of guests but whether you plan to serve on china or paper plates.

5. Workshops for everyone

Lowe's is a DIYers' dream store — the retailer doesn't just sell the materials but goes one step further to teach you how to use them efficiently! It offers a variety of free, in-person, live streaming, and on-demand workshops for adults and children on a rolling enrollment basis. Some workshops you can currently enroll now will teach you how to build a farmhouse table, repaint your kitchen cabinets, install vinyl plank flooring, create a custom, tiled backsplash, and construct a fire pit. Whether you participate in-person or online, everyone who attends one of the adult workshops gets a coupon for $10 off your next Lowe's purchase of $75 or more.

A special feature for kids is the build kits they can make with you in the store or that you can pick up for free and work on at home. Don't worry if you miss the kit for one particular month. When you register for a space, you'll automatically be listed for next month's projects.