20 Backyard Treehouse Ideas You've Wanted Since You Were A Kid

Allow yourself to remember what it was like to be a child, just for a moment. You had no worries or responsibilities. You got to play all the time. Your imagination was at its peak. You felt free to dream and create as you pleased. Perhaps when you were a child, you had or really wanted a treehouse. Treehouses are perfect places for children to grow, learn, and play.

You might still find treehouses appealing, even as an adult. Tree Top Builders says that treehouses appeal to people of all ages. For kids, a treehouse resembles a private space that only they own where they can play and be imaginative. For adults, a treehouse is a reminder of the innocence of childhood. Treehouses can also make a backyard space more alluring for everyone. These whimsical structures are places of extensive fun and freedom. If you want to be reminded of your childhood, below are 20 backyard treehouses you've wanted since you were a kid.

1. Balcony and wooden shutters

The best treehouses come with a balcony and wooden window shutters. Treehouses can either be supported solely by the tree, by beams, or by both, as is the case for the home above. 

2. Painted to perfection

To make a treehouse more personal, it could be painted a fun color. Because this structure has been painted green, the white windows really stand out. 

3. Cabin with attached slide

For young children, a treehouse could be built low to the ground and come with a slide. A playset could also be attached to the side. 

4. With a wooden railing

If a treehouse has a balcony, it's best to add a wooden railing, both for aesthetics and also for safety. This home has lanterns hanging from the bottom of the structure to give it a more inviting feel. 

5. Flowing florals

This treehouse has a beautiful design. The tall pointed roof, circular window, and florals in the flower box all make it appear inviting and cozy. 

6. Camouflaged in vines

To camouflage your home in your backyard, allow vines to grow around it. When inside this structure, you'll feel like you're in the middle of the woods. 

7. Fun staircase

Instead of a ladder, a treehouse could be built with a full staircase. For safety and looks, a wooden railing could be added on both sides. This treehouse also has a very interesting window design. 

8. Warm wood exterior

Using a warm wood and not painting it will make a treehouse look cozy and inviting. This home is completely made of wood, from the railing to the roof. 

9. German style home

A German-styled home could be built with a red roof, white walls, and fun wooden trim patterns. Classic four-panel windows will complete the unique look. 

10. Castle in the trees

A treehouse could be built to look like a castle, with cathedral windows and a round, pointy roof. This would be fun for children who love princes and princesses. 

11. Tropical style

To bring tropical vibes to your backyard, add bamboo details, fun vines, and a fern roof. This home looks like it was taken right off of a vacation villa. 

12. Bright blue door

A clean and modern-looking treehouse could be built. This home has beautiful windows, a large staircase, and a bold blue door. 

13. Red barn house

For a rustic-looking treehouse, one could be constructed from reclaimed wood and painted red. This house also has a large balcony with a fence around it. 

14. Classic style

To give your treehouse a classic feel, complete the design with a shingled roof, window shutters, a flower box, and a beautiful door. This treehouse also has a fun rope walk.

15. Multiple cottages

These treehouses are beautiful. They look like small yellow cottages, with classic white windows and metal balconies. Building multiple treehouses may be advantageous for large families. 

16. Colorful design

Painting a treehouse with all the colors of the rainbow will make it look extra eye-catching. This colorful treehouse is fun and whimsical. 

17. Tiny log cabin

For a unique and cozy treehouse design, one could be created to look like a log cabin, complete with rustic wood shutters. 

18. Trunk support

Many treehouses are supported by multiple trees. However, this treehouse has been constructed around one large trunk that stands tall in the center of the home's balcony. 

19. Among the birds

This wooden treehouse closely resembles the bird house pictured behind it. If you were in this high home, you'd be standing among the birds. 

20. Complete with a pulley system

If you look closely, this treehouse has been built with a wooden plank attached to a pulley system. This would allow those inside the treehouse to accept gifts from those below without leaving home.