5 Ways To Add Stylish Seating Into Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are typically not spaces for extensive rest. You probably rush around the bathroom in the morning while getting ready. At night, you're probably too busy or exhausted to spend much time in this space unwinding. However, bathrooms can be used for more than just getting ready. They can actually be the perfect private space to relax.

Transitions Kitchens & Bath says that every element you incorporate into your bathroom should enhance a peaceful atmosphere. Instead of only focusing on function, also think about the overall look of your bathroom. What elements could you add that would make your space more enjoyable? One of the best ways to make the most out of your bathroom is by adding seating. This will make the space more functional and also more appealing to look at. There are a number of ways to add seating to your space. Below are five ways you could add stylish seating to your bathroom.

1. Add warmth with wicker or rattan

Most bathrooms feel cold and uninviting. That's because these spaces are typically filled with cool tones and tiles. To make your bathroom feel warmer, you could add a wicker or rattan chair or stool. Wicker Living says that wicker adds personality and makes a space feel more inviting. It's typically added to bathrooms through mirrors, cabinets, shelves, or a trash can, but it could also be added through a seating option.

When deciding which chair to use, it's important to know the difference between wicker and rattan. While both these terms are typically used interchangeably, they actually have quite different meanings. According to Patio Productions, wicker is a style of weave, while rattan is a material. Rattan is typically used in wicker, which is where the confusion comes from. Rattan is great for the bathroom because it's lightweight but also durable, per Sotti & Co. Both rattan and wicker chairs have a timeless and natural appearance. 

2. For the vanity

If you have a vanity in your bathroom, you know how useful this area can be. A vanity can be used to apply makeup or skincare. To make it extra functional and comfy, add a vanity stool to this space. Homedit says that a vanity stool or chair can add a chic and bohemian feel to your space. You could choose a stool that matches your vanity. Or, you could create interest by choosing one that contrasts with the counter.

JRL Interiors says that a vanity stool or chair will add a splash of design to your space through the color, material, or style. While you may not realize it, this small piece of furniture can go a long way to creating the right feel in your space. Vanity stools are typically 18 to 19 inches tall so that they can be tucked underneath the vanity table. To make your chair or stool more functional, you could choose one with wheels, per Visual Hunt. This would be especially useful in a large bathroom with multiple places to get ready. For instance, you may wash your face in front of the sink but do your makeup at the vanity. Getting a vanity stool with wheels will allow the seat to easily be moved around.

3. For looks or for use (or both)

Perhaps the most useful use for a chair in the bathroom is for sitting. However, seats can also be used as decorative pieces. Or, they could be used to hold things like towels or a plant. Home Design Lover says that chairs can make your space feel cozier and may make you want to spend more time in the bathroom. Modern chairs can make your space look luxurious, like a hotel. For seats used for sitting, a side table could be placed next to it for drinks or reading materials.

Decoist lists some more uses for bathroom seating. If your bathroom is near the closet, a seat could be used to put on and take off your shoes. It could also be placed near the tub to hold bath products or a vase filled with flowers. If you have a large bathroom and want to maximize the functionality of your space, you could add two chairs with different uses. Luxe shows a bathroom that's designed with two chairs, one for the vanity and one to hold towels.

4. Get fancy with an upholstered armchair

To give your space an extra luxurious feel, add an upholstered armchair. Decoist says that a large armchair can make your bathroom actually look like a living space. There are a number of ways to make your bathroom feel more like a living room. For example, you could add a chandelier or a fireplace. However, a chair will add both functionality and a cozy atmosphere to your bathroom. It will add warmth and comfort to your space. Placing a chair next to the window with a small side table for your glass will give you the perfect place to rest.

HGTV demonstrates how an upholstered chair can transform a space. They show a neutral bathroom with a bold orange upholstered chair. The chair adds color, pattern, and texture to the space. An upholstered chair could also be used at the vanity to combine an appealing appearance with functionality.

5. Use a bench

Finally, you could add a bench to your bathroom. A wooden bench specifically will give your space a natural and comfortable feel. Homedit says that a bench is a great option for smaller bathrooms because they don't take up much space. They could be used either for sitting or for holding items. Place one next to the tub for the perfect place to rest your glass, towel, reading materials, or phone. A bench could also be used to fill negative space in a bathroom, either against a wall or in the corner. In a larger bathroom, a bench could be used to divide two spaces, like the vanity area and the bathtub.

Home Decor Bliss says that a bench could also be added to your shower. While this is typically used for the elderly, anyone could benefit from a shower bench. These benches can be made of teak, wood, or stone. Natural materials are the best, both for looks and functionality. You could also add a built-in bench to your shower to make your space look more cohesive.