The Most Important Place To Use A Hairdryer That You're Probably Missing

Hairdryers are a standard appliance for most homes, with a large majority of Americans owning one for the ease of blowing dry their luscious locks after a shower or bath.  Hairdryers come in all shapes and sizes, with new versions and brands appearing on the market regularly. High-end selections boast quick-drying powers that make your locks shiny and smooth, while rounded brushes take the need for curling out of the mix. Men and women both take advantage of their hair dryer, using it to get the perfect coif, wave, curl, or straight look. Hotels have them in almost every room. It's really no surprise this tool is considered a vital element of the hair care needs of so many. 

According to The Atlantic, 90% of households in this country have a hairdryer, meaning this handy piece of equipment can be easily accessed for other uses around the home. While its primary purpose is in its name, they also serve another equally useful purpose, which can make your cleaning list a little lighter. If your home's interior décor boasts faux flowers or plants, your hairdryer is an untapped tool for cleaning them.

Focus on your faux flowers

We all know the outward flow of air produced by a hairdryer is fantastic at removing moisture from hair follicles; it can also lift dust and dirt from fabrics. More specifically, your hairdryer can help clean off those dusty silk petals that look lackluster due to buildup. According to Afloral, using this appliance at its lowest power and on its coolest temperature setting helps remove particles that would otherwise damage or diminish the appearance of your faux flowers. By gently blowing the air over each petal, leaf, and middle stem portion, you can remove more dust than by simply wiping them off with a rag. The concentrated air flow will push away hard to reach debris, leaving the surfaces shiny and new.

Because it is only cool air being used on the silk fabric, it won't damage or harm the material as long as you don't hold it too close or leave it on for too long. Afloral recommends using the hairdryer first, then following up with a damp towel or wipe to help remove excess dirt, just stick to water and avoid using harsh cleaning solutions.

Use homemade solutions for a deep clean

If your decorative blooms and faux houseplants need more than a little dusting to get them back to their full splendor, you can make an at-home solution to wash the petals. This mixture will leave the petals looking as fresh and colorful as the day you purchased them without affecting the dye. Always spot test any homemade cleaners to be sure the fabric can withstand the ingredients, and once you know it won't have a negative effect, go ahead and use it on the rest of the flowers. A pro tip from Silks Are Forever is to place half a cup of table salt or cornmeal inside of a brown paper bag (plastic bags work too). In order to use the ingredients as a scrub, add the flowers and shake the bag to properly exfoliate the petals.

Once you have finished scrubbing the contents, remove the blooms outside or over a container that can catch the remnants from the bag. Use your hairdryer again on its coolest, lowest setting to blow away excess salt or cornmeal, leaving the flowers looking as good as new. Don't use warm or hot air on these fabrics, as they are known for being fragile and might suffer damage from the heat.