The Fastest Repair For Loose Springs In Your Sofa

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down on your sofa to find that it doesn't feel as it has always felt. You're sinking further in, and it doesn't feel as comfortable. Something is clearly off. You check the cushions, but you know the issue is inside the couch itself. When this happens, many people think that they need to completely replace the couch. After all, a sinking sofa is quite uncomfortable. And, if the problem is internal, how can it be fixed?

Most likely, when your couch begins to sag, the problem is related to the springs. Springs can easily become loosened from their clips, but they could also be broken, explains DIY Furniture Studio. Luckily, fixing a loose or broken spring in your sofa isn't as difficult as it may seem. Below is the easiest and fastest way to repair loose couch springs, so you don't have to replace that sinking couch.

How to repair couch springs

To begin repairing the springs, turn the couch over so the bottom is accessible, per DIY Furniture Studio. You'll need to remove the dust cover — some are attached with velcro while others are stapled on and may need to be cut and replaced. Once this has been removed, you'll be able to assess the condition of the springs.

Woodhaven says that there are two types of sofa springs: serpentine ones, which are round coils, and sinuous ones, which are zig-zagged and flat. Sinuous springs may be more difficult to repair because they are stiff. Coiled springs can often be bent back into shape with pliers and then reattached with the correct tension.

You could try repairing a spring with a zip tie. Springs that move too much when someone sits on the couch could also be strengthened with a zip tie, however, If you discover that you have a broken spring, it will probably need to be replaced.

Other tips for maintaining your couch

Keeping your couch in the best possible condition doesn't only include fixing loose springs. You'll also need to regularly clean it with mild cleaners, per Shiny Carpet Cleaning. Keeping pets and drinks away from the couch will also prolong its life. Additionally, a protective coating could be applied to keep the surface free from stains. House Tipster says that adding furniture movers or floor protectors to the bottom of your sofa legs will prolong the life of your couch. This will relieve some of the pressure on the legs and allow the furniture to easily be moved around the room. Those who are really concerned about damaging their couch could use a cover as well.

As stated, sagging could also be caused by the cushions. Foam Factory recommends replacing the foam in your cushions, which will give your sofa a new life. If your cushions have zipper covers, replacement should be fairly easy.