The Property Brothers Reveal How To Create A Focal Point In Your Rooms

According to The Property Brothers, every room should have a clear focal point, per ABS-CBN Corporation. The focal point is the first thing you see when you walk into a room. Some rooms have natural statement pieces, like a fireplace or large windows. Others, however, are made up of four blank walls, and creating a place where the eye is drawn is important.

StoneGable says that creating a focal point is essential because guests can feel overwhelmed if they cannot determine the central element of a space. If many different décor pieces are fighting for attention, your home will feel chaotic and tense. One feature has to dominate, and the rest should support that statement piece. You'll need to create a focal point if your room doesn't have a fireplace, windows, or some other bold architectural element. Luckily, The Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott reveal the easiest way to create a feature that grabs attention.

How to create a focal point

According to Jonathan Scott, the easiest way to create a focal point is through paint or artwork, per ABS-CBN Corporation. Painting one wall a bolder color than the rest will immediately draw attention when entering a room. In the same way, large artwork will also make one wall stand out. These two options are relatively inexpensive and easy to add to a home.

There are a number of other ways to create a focal point as well. For instance, StoneGable says that a mirror, wall clock, television, or gallery wall could also function as the main element. Even vaulted ceilings or unique doors could be your focal point. Interiors Revitalized notes a backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom could be the primary feature. Or, a particularly bold or beautiful piece of furniture could be what draws the eye to a space. Covering a wall in shiplap or wallpaper can have the same effect as a painted wall. They also say to add the focal point on the wall furthest away from the main entryway. 

Tips for enhancing your focal point

Jonathan Scott also says that you should use other elements to draw attention to your focal point and not away. For instance, he suggests strategically placing seating in a space, per ABS-CBN Corporation. StoneGable agrees — they place two armchairs on either side of their fireplace, which helps highlight the main feature. They call these surrounding decorative elements: the framing pieces in a space. Other framing pieces include curtains on a window, nightstands on either side of the bed, plants, mirrors, and art. Pella Corporation says shelves typically draw attention to a fireplace or television. You could even use lighting to draw the eye to the main piece in your space.

When framing a focal point, ensure that none of the elements compete for attention. For example, if the eye is naturally drawn to the windows in a space, don't paint a different wall a bold color; this will give your room a confusing and less pleasing appearance.