Dormify's Karen & Amanda Zuckerman Share This Year's Hot Dorm Room Trends - Exclusive

Not that long ago, dorm décor was a non-issue for most college students. As long as you managed to score some extra-long twin-sized sheets (there weren't that many to choose from), remembered to bring something to haul your laundry around in, and found someone to drive you and your stuff to campus, you were good to go. If you were feeling really ambitious, you might bring a poster from home or buy one at the campus bookstore. And if you were really, really ambitious, you might invest in some potted plants.

Not anymore. Today's college students see their dorm rooms as far more than crash pads. Instead, they want their rooms to be havens and reflections of who they are. So when Amanda Zuckerman and her mother, Karen Zuckerman, were shopping for dorm room supplies before Amanda's freshman year, they grew frustrated at the limited bedding options for dorm beds and the difficulty of finding fashionable, but dorm-appropriate, décor and storage solutions. To address these problems, they founded Dormify, a one-stop online shop for dorm room décor. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, the Zuckermans share what's hot this year in dorm room décor.

Decorative headboards are big on social media this year

To see what's trending in dorm room décor, turn to social media — and there, Amanda Zuckerman says, you'll see lots of creative room designs featuring decorative headboards. "Headboards really help elevate your space," she revealed. Today's options, she explained, don't have to be a structural part of the bed and in fact can be used with any bed — a useful feature if you're moving into a furnished dorm room but are unsure what kind of sleeping arrangements you'll find there. Some of the decorative headboards available at Dormify, Zuckerman added, attach to the wall behind the bed rather than to the bed itself.

But these modern design pieces serve additional, practical functions as well; another new trend is charging headboards, which contain built-in power outlets. "It operates like an extension cord because when you enter into a dorm room, the outlets will likely be across the entire room from where you need it," Zuckerman continued "So, we try to make that easier by making these things serve more than one purpose."

Great lighting can make all the difference

Another small detail that can make a big difference in your space's overall livability is lighting. While all dorm rooms will come with an overhead light, there will be times when your roommate wants it off and you'll need other options. In addition, good lighting choices can enhance the overall mood and look of the room. "[Bring] in as much lighting as possible, since what's provided is very dull and not warm and homey," Amanda Zuckerman advised. To make your room a more welcoming and livable space, she recommends having several sources in your room. "Make sure that you have at least one floor lamp, desk lamps," she continued.

But dorm lighting doesn't have to be limited to lamps; Zuckerman shared that lighting can be a high-impact yet affordable aesthetic element as well. "Decorative lighting like string lights or LED strips or even neon signs really make it more you," she said.

To learn more about how to get the most from your dorm room space, visit Dormify and Pearson+.