Should You Stop Using A Top Sheet On Your Bed?

When it comes to deciding which linens to place on your bed, there are plenty of choices available. Bedding such as pillowcases or fitted sheets are usually items many agree are necessary. However, there's been a debate occurring for several years now about whether you should include a top sheet with your covers. Also commonly referred to as a flat sheet, for some, using one offers quite a few benefits and is a great asset to your bed. Yet, to others, it's completely useless, unnecessary, and not worth the hassle of owning.

According to a poll by USA Today on Twitter, around 70% of poll users opt to use a flat sheet while almost 27% decide against it. The other 3% choose not to use any sheets at all. Additionally, as per Casper, this argument points out the differences between generations. The older age groups, such as Baby Boomers, feel closely attached to this specific linen. In opposition, the younger generations, including Millennials and Gen Z, don't particularly care for it. Nonetheless, no matter your age or stance on this never-ending debate, owning one has many pros and cons. Here is why you should or shouldn't use a top sheet on your bed.

The benefits of using a top sheet

To begin, let's discuss the benefits of using a top sheet. The Today Show spoke with expert Dr. Kelly Reynolds on the matter. According to her, there is a specific reason why you should invest in one: protection.

Both our beds and linens contain a substantial amount of germs that top sheets can help protect us from. Dr. Reynolds states that usually, these germs form into bacteria and, in some cases, mold. Aside from the smell that may arise, these microorganisms can spread diseases such as lung infections or respiratory illnesses. For those with sensitivity issues, asthma and other allergies are also common issues that might emerge. However, adding this one sheet can help to prevent all of this.

In addition to health benefits, top sheets make washing your other linens a bit easier. Typically, all of your bedding material should be cleaned once a week (via Sleep Foundation). Although, with a top sheet, your duvet cover may not need to be washed nearly as much. It's no longer directly touching your skin on a regular basis, so it won't be as excessively dirty. Instead, the top sheet, which is far less challenging to clean, will take its place.  

The reasons to ditch the top sheet

Now that we've gone through the reasons why you might consider using a top sheet, here's why you should ditch it for good. As Insider points out, one of the main reasons why many don't use the extra layer is that it's incredibly aggravating to sleep with.

Since top sheets are made of such a thin material, they're not heavy enough to stay where they need to throughout the night. Therefore, they typically end up in a bundle at the end of the bed by the next morning. If this happens, the user will likely be uncomfortable when they're trying to rest and could potentially lose sleep. Furthermore, it's an extra annoyance when it comes to making the bed. The bundled sheets add more time to the process as you have to fold them under the bed or adjust them however you please.

Lastly, many believe top sheets don't necessarily provide extra protection for yourself or your other bedding. If you sleep in clothes and have other materials such as a duvet cover, then why do you need another defense? For some, you don't, which makes using a top sheet a thing of the past. Just be sure to wash all the other linens weekly.