The TikTok Hack That Will Change How You Store Garbage Bags

Finding a storage solution for trash bags generally isn't at the top of most people's home organization project list. A roll or box of bags are quickly gone through in most households so it may seem pointless to give them a proper spot. However, like other everyday household items, it should be given thought. Not only will organizing them save time on a regular basis, but it will also let you see when you need to restock them.

There are lots of ways you can creatively store garbage bags. As Simply Organized points out, a set of brackets and a simple dowel rod attached to the inside of the kitchen sink cabinet lets you tear off a new one when you need it, much like a paper towel sheet. Or, according to Abby Organizes, you can place a thin basket on a shelf and add the roll (decanted, of course) inside. Then you can either pull from the top or, as an alternative, slip the end through a handle opening in the bin and grab from there.

While these are simple solutions, with the former requiring a bit of handiwork, there's an even easier way to keep your bags tidy. It is so easy that it's almost mind-blowing and, as an added bonus, it will save you space in your kitchen, bathroom, garage, or wherever else you have a trash can. Read on to find out the TikTok hack that will change how you store your garbage bags.

Hack how-to

As user @thesimplysorted demonstrates in this TikTok organization hack, this method requires zero extra supplies or space. All you have to do is take the roll of bags out of the box and place it at the bottom of the trash can. Focus on keeping the end that you'll need to grab facing up. Then add a new trash bag into the can over the roll. When it's time to take the garbage out, tie up the dirty bag and remove it. Then, simply reach in and pull the new, clean bag up and into place. That's all there is to it and it prevents you from having to find a spot for the roll either under the sink or in the pantry.

If you buy your trash bags in bulk, however, you may have additional rolls or boxes that need to be stored elsewhere. In this case, consider putting them somewhere that won't be in your way, especially since you'll only need to reach for them to replace the old roll. Per Order to Everything, a container holding back stock items placed either on a top shelf or the floor of your pantry is the best place to keep them. That leaves the shelves at eye level for everyday things, but still gives you easy access to the bags when you do need them.