Are Rain Shower Heads Worth The Hype?

Sleek and elegant, installing a rain shower head can turn any standard bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary. Boasting an oversized and sculptural design, they're particularly popular in on-trend matte black or brushed brass finishes and make a modern and aesthetic addition to any washroom.

But not only are they more pricey than your standard shower head, but they can also be considerably trickier to install — particularly if you're shunning the idea of simply swapping your existing shower head out for a rain shower one in favor of going for the full ceiling-mount experience. According to Lowe's, this is a far more extensive plumbing project that actually requires the removal of part of your wall in order to connect a new pipe. Therefore, it's definitely not something you'll want to do yourself unless you've got plumbing experience.

So although they undeniably look great, it's definitely worth properly thinking through if a rain shower head is truly right for you before you commit to the price and process of installing one.

The pros and cons of a rain shower head

Are you the kind of person who's always in a rush to wash and get dressed, or do you enjoy getting up a little earlier and taking your time in the mornings? If you can truly relate to the former, then it's worth remembering that rain shower heads have been specifically designed to distribute a more gentle and balanced flow of water droplets — rather than provide the high-pressure power shower experience that you might be after.

But if you don't mind a gentle stream, enjoy a slightly longer shower, and want your washroom to look as luxurious as possible, then a chic rain shower head is exactly what you're after. A really contemporary choice, rain shower heads are also typically the models that can also be fitted with more exclusive and hi-tech features — such as scalding protection, massaging spray patterns, and even integrated panoramic LED lighting.

Clearly, deciding whether a rain shower is right for you or not is primarily down to whether you'd prefer to prioritize experience or efficiency. But if you care about both (and wouldn't be averse to a bit of remodeling), then House Grail recommends going for a dual outlet unit that allows you to swap between the therapeutic rainfall from overhead, and the more precise and powerful spray of a height-adjustable shower handset, at just the flick of a switch.