Should You Build A New Garage On Your Property?

When it comes to home renovation, there's one area with great potential that most people overlook: the garage. No longer just an afterthought in house design, today there are endless ways to customize and personalize this part of the home that can offer significant benefits, per Garage Designs of St. Louis. It's not simply a place to park the car at night and store a few boxes. A new garage can make your life better in many ways.

Building a new garage allows you to create an intentional design that maximizes the space indoors. Custom shelves can increase storage capacity, eliminating the need to pay for an outside storage unit and easing the frustration of lost tools. A dedicated workspace makes tackling home repairs easier, reducing the need to hire a contractor. As the family grows and more drivers park at home, additional parking spaces inside the garage protect your vehicles from theft or damage. Once you explore the custom options available as you build your dream garage, you may decide that this endeavor will become your favorite home renovation project.

Increase the value of your home

Garage Designs of St. Louis says building a new garage offers several advantages that will make it more usable and increase the value of your home. First, it's a chance to upgrade essential features such as the electrical system. A new electrical system can allow for additional outlets and extra lighting overhead. The garage can even become an entertainment spot with surround sound and connections for a flatscreen TV, per Worldwide Steel Buildings. Additional room for parking will always raise your home's property value, and the garage can be built into the layout of your home. Other additions, such as new insulation and a security system, can also be added to the design.

Building a detached garage opens up additional possibilities, such as the chance to add another living space, a home office, or an art studio. In fact, adding a detached garage to a property can have an ROI of about 64.8%, via Homeowner Funding. Adding custom details to a new garage will also make a great first impression on homebuyers. When people are touring your home and opening the garage door, they expect to see a bit of a mess. Instead, they could admire a well-designed garage that boasts custom cabinets with a sink, shelving, and counter space. Per Adair Homes, these features will make your home more valuable, more attractive to future buyers, and more enjoyable for you and your family.

Boost curb appeal

Another advantage of building a new garage is that you can increase your home's curb appeal by designing it to complement the style of your home, per Sussel Garages. For instance, take advantage of the visual impact of the garage door by choosing a material that looks like wood but is actually made of sturdy steel, according to Post Woodworking. Add a row of windows to the structure, making it more inviting from the outside and improving the visibility inside. Painting the window trim and siding of the garage to match the house will actually make your home appear larger. Your home will also look more polished if fewer cars are parked in the driveway or on the street.

Adding architectural features such as a cupola or a dormer window will improve your home's curb appeal. Or consider adding a rooftop deck to the garage with a bar and seating area. Incorporating a covered walkway can be attractive and convenient if you're building a detached garage. When you build a new garage, you can choose the options that suit your lifestyle and attractively design them.

Better for your car and its occupants

Finally, it may be time for a new garage if your vehicle is not properly protected anymore. How well is your car safeguarded where it's currently parked? If it's on the street, under a carport, or in an older garage that is no longer weatherproof, it may need proper shelter. According to Dayton Daily News, a car should be completely protected from wind, hail, or snow, but sunshine and UV rays can also age it inside and out. The sun can also affect a vehicle's exterior paint, seats, and dashboard, making them fade, crack, or peel. But a properly enclosed and insulated garage will protect the vehicle's engine. Automotive fluids that are not subject to wide fluctuations in temperature always help the engine run better.

A vehicle that is housed in a secure garage is easier to drive. There's no ice to scrape off the windshield or morning dew to wipe away, making it safer for the daily commute. On a hot day, the air conditioning comes on faster, and the heating system works quicker in the winter. A car that is properly protected will last longer and hold its value better, and it may even lower your insurance rates. Investing in a new garage might be the best decision you could make right now because it will increase your lifestyle enjoyment and protect your investments.