25% Of People Agree This Cleaner Doesn't Remove Marks From Walls

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It seems like, no matter how hard you try to protect your walls, they're still bound to endure some damage. When moving furniture into a new space, you've probably created accidental scuff marks. If you have kids, you've definitely been met with their scribbled crayon marks at least once. In everyday life, marks from shoes and stains from food can easily appear on your walls. A Mother's Shadow adds that almost every surface in the home is covered in fingerprints, dust, dirt, and smoke, which is why it's good to clean your walls regularly.

If you're attempting to remove a mark or scuff from a wall, you're probably searching for the best cleaner. And to do so, you first need to know which ones to avoid. To discover the worst product for removing marks, House Digest surveyed 596 people. We gave them the following options: Magic Eraser, Goof Off, Zep, The Pink Stuff, and Bioguard Off The Wall. One of these options gained 25% of the vote, making it the worst product to use on a marked-up wall.

The worst wall cleaner

According to the survey, the worst wall cleaner is Goof Off, which 150 participants voted for. This brand has quite a few different types of cleaners, including ones to remove grease, graffiti, super glue, rust stains, and paint splatter. To remove marks from walls, the best option would be their Household Heavy Duty Remover for spots, stains, marks, and messes.

It's actually pretty shocking that this brand was voted the worst. After all, on Amazon, 63% of the reviews are five star ratings, and many people seem to really enjoy this brand. However, there were also negative reviews. Some said it didn't remove grease, scuff marks, or ink stains. One reviewer said they think this product actually made their marker stain worse. Others agreed, saying they wish they had just used their Magic Eraser, since this product doesn't seem to do anything at all. Those who voted for Goof Off in our survey of the worst would probably agree with these online reviews.

The next worst cleaners

The following results may surprise you even more. The next worst wall cleaner was Magic Eraser, which 23% of participants (139 people) voted for. Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser is supposed to be great at removing permanent marker stains, crayon drawings, and scuffs from walls. This brand is well-loved for its ability to clean messes and remove stains easily, and it has almost five stars on the company website. However, a few customers said that it just didn't work for them or that the sponge fell apart quickly. Perhaps participants in our survey had similar experiences. 

After Magic Eraser came The Pink Stuff, which 22% (133 people) chose. The company website says this product works on grease marks and scuffs, but some, evidently, disagree with these claims. Zep came next, with 17% of the vote (103 people). This popular brand has a multipurpose cleaner that claims to degrease while removing grime and dirt. Since this brand didn't receive many votes, it may be a safe bet for removing marks on walls, too. Finally, the best mark-removing product was Bioguard Off The Wall, which received under 12% of votes (71 people). Interestingly, this product is actually made to remove grime from pool and spa walls, but it also claims to be a fantastic stain remover.