Fans Agree These Are The Most Annoying Quirks On House Hunters

As difficult as the home buying process is for buyers, HGTV's "House Hunters" has proved that it can be equally frustrating for viewers. The show has been delighting and annoying fans since 1999, as it often feels like there's no satisfying picky homebuyers on the long-running HGTV show. Episodes always start with the buyer explaining their laundry list of specific and sometimes strange requests. The tensions heighten when the show features a couple that isn't on the same page about what they want.

Whether it's oddly specific demands or a $5 million budget on a measly salary, fans are often left wondering what is going on. The phenomenon of wild "House Hunter" requests has become so popular that comedian John Mulaney even referenced it in his Netflix special, "The Comeback Kid," and there's a Reddit thread dedicated to sharing memes and airing out complaints about the show. Here are some of the quirks that fans find the most annoying.

Complaints about easy fixes

It's rare to find a home that needs absolutely no work. Even new homes with all the updates might need a little work to customize the space to the new homeowners' tastes. But many fans find it annoying when the buyers on "House Hunters" complain about easy fixes. Often, buyers on the show complain that the walls aren't a preferred color, countertops need to be changed, or appliances need to be replaced. In one episode, a buyer preferred a fridge with an ice dispenser in an otherwise updated kitchen. This had fans rolling their eyes, as many don't get why an ice dispenser would stop anyone from buying a home.

Small cosmetic upgrades usually don't require a professional; if they do, they can be completed relatively quickly. A painting project usually costs between $200 and $300 for supplies (U.S. News and World Report). Other easy fixes include hardware in the kitchen and bathrooms, changing faucets and shower heads, and replacing light fixtures. Finding a home that's exactly your style down to the details is near impossible, so it's no wonder why fans face-palm when buyers complain about the kitchen not having a microwave.

Unrealistic expectations

Of course, you want your home to be as perfect as possible, fitting all your wants and needs. But sometimes, you have to make compromises and manage your expectations. On a recent episode of "House Hunters," a couple is searching for a home before their wedding. While looking at one option, the hunter states he prefers to stay far under budget, hoping to offer almost $200,000 below the asking price to get a deal. While there's no problem with saving money, many fans get annoyed at how unrealistic some buyers are on the show.

One fan took to Reddit and joked,"Their budget is 300k and they want a colonial style house with AT LEAST four bedrooms, two baths, master suits, double vanity, open concept kitchen living room with marble countertops, French doors, 2 acres of land, large pool, and a finished basement with a man cave and at home movie theatre." 

When it comes to house hunting, you often have to manage your expectations and be willing to compromise on some features. For example, if you want to live in the middle of the city within walking distance of all your favorite shops and restaurants, you may have to deal with some city noise. Fans notice people on "House Hunters" tend to forget that.

Too many open floor plans

There was a point where open floor plans were at the top of everyone's list. But in recent years, many fans of "House Hunters" feel like this layout is becoming played out. Many homebuyers on the show place an open floor plan as a top priority on their list. And the popularity is what's beginning to turn people off. On the show, many hunters want an open floor plan to accommodate entertaining friends and family.

Americans are split almost 50-50 on whether or not they like an open-concept home, according to a Rocket Homes survey, with 51.2% liking an open layout and 48.8% wanting a more traditional layout in their homes. An open concept allows for rooms like the kitchen, dining room, and family room to flow into each other. It's long been favored for making a home feel larger and allowing natural light to flood the space. Open floor plans have also been touted as a necessity if you like to entertain. But, still, many people prefer more separation in their homes. It leaves fans wondering why it seems like everyone on "House Hunters" needs an open floor plan.