How To Hide The Garbage Cans On Your Property And Up Your Curb Appeal

If you're a homeowner, there are a number of things that could be ruining your curb appeal. For instance, overgrown landscaping, chipped paint, and a faded mailbox can all take away from your home's external appearance.

Something else that may be making your home look uninviting is how your garbage cans are displayed. If you leave your bins in the front of your home at all times, these dirty cans may be making your home appear less put together. Clean Cans says that typically, trash bins are the first thing guests see when they drive up to your home, perhaps because they're typically brightly colored and placed in plain sight. 

To boost your curb appeal, you could hide your trash cans. This could also be beneficial for those who normally store their bins in the garage, as it will give you more storage space. There are a number of ways to hide your garbage cans, as explained below.

Ways to conceal your garbage cans

Clean Cans suggests first looking for places you could hide your cans that are already in your yard. For instance, if you have space behind shrubbery or a fence, this could be the best place to store them. Additionally, make sure the area you choose is easy to access. If it's not, taking out the trash may be more of a hassle than you desire.

If there's not already a convenient place in your yard to store your bins, you could create one. Realtor says that one way to do this is by storing them behind an elevated flower planter. This will not only give you a place to keep your bins but also boost your landscaping. Similarly, you could plant real or faux shrubbery for the cans to sit behind. Or, you could add a small fence, a lattice wall, a trellis with vines, or a folding screen wall. All of these options are fairly inexpensive and easy to add to your yard.

A trash corral

The last way to conceal your trash bins is by purchasing or building a trash corral. According to, these enclosures are typically used by businesses to make their stores look more appealing. However, they can also be used by homeowners to boost curb appeal. Enclosed garbage corrals will also keep animals and bugs from getting into your trash, as well as protect your garbage bins from inclement weather. Further, those with attached lids will conceal trash smell, per Realtor.

These enclosures are typically made out of wood or vinyl, but they could also be made out of a chain link with slats, metal, or concrete, per If you choose wood or vinyl, building one yourself may be worth your time and effort. This is because these models can get quite expensive. For instance, Home Depot sells a wooden enclosure for multiple bins with a lid for around $1,800. The other less common materials may need the assistance of a professional to install.