Are The Least Expensive Desk Chairs At Target Worth Buying?

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Whether you are working from home or in an office environment, the type of desk chair you use throughout your work day is more crucial than you think. Urdesign explains that a well-designed, safe, and comfortable chair can not only keep your body in a safe and comfortable position as you work your long hours, but it can also improve your productivity.

If you think your desk chair needs an upgrade, there are a variety of places you can look. But before you start your extended search to find the perfect office chair, you could check a nearby Target. With a huge selection of styles and colors for low prices, you might be able to find what you're looking for without breaking a sweat or your wallet. But does saving money pay off in the long run? Let's take a moment to examine some of the least expensive desk chairs Target has to offer and see if they are actually worth the consideration.

The black task chair

Currently, one of the cheapest desk chairs available at Target is their Black Task Chair from Room Essentials, which only costs $33. If the price isn't enough to grab your attention, the product takes on a very traditional appearance that can look good in nearly any style of office or workspace. Some of its features, like its ability to adjust to your height and cushioned seating, are also worth noting and admiring.

According to Target customers who have purchased this product, the Black Task Chair is a good quality chair that greatly supports its user. Unfortunately, there were also a few customers who didn't like how the chair felt, stating that it was uncomfortable. Overall, however, the product receives a reasonably good 3.7 out of five stars, so although it may not be the best, it is still worth considering as a quick, cheap, and simple desk chair option.

The black mesh office chair

Another affordable desk chair choice at Target is their Black Mesh Office Chair, which costs $56. Similar to Target's Black Task Chair, this desk also boasts a very versatile look that can match nearly any style of office or workspace you may have. Although the backrest of this chair isn't padded, its mesh material has a larger surface space that can better support your comfort as you work throughout the day. Along with this extra feature, this chair is also adjustable to your height and has wheels that allow you to flow around your office or workspace freely.

Matching these great features, this product also received a variety of positive remarks from Target customers. Many state that they love Target's Black Mesh Office Chair and that it was the perfect addition to their office. Of all the reviews, 67% were five stars. The few people that weren't satisfied noted that it was uncomfortable and the wheels were noisy. Regardless, it received a solid 4.4 out of five stars, which makes it definitely worth a second glance.