30 Home Décor Items And Features You Only Saw In The '80s

The '80s were a decade of voluminous hair, big shoulder pads, and bold home décor. It was all about making a statement, from bright lights to loud prints. According to Eyeswoon, curved designs and rounded edges in furniture pieces, like sofas, cabinetry, and tables, were a popular trend. Even today, the style is still in vogue, embodying the audacious decade.

Neon colors were also all the rage in the '80s and were often used around the house. If you wanted your home to stand out, you would use as many neon colors as possible. Not to be left out, floral patterns, geometric shapes, and stripes also had big moments and were typically employed to create exciting and eye-catching looks. To glimpse this fascinating decade, we thought to showcase some of the most iconic home décor items and features you would have only seen in the '80s. Let's get started!

1. Lovely lucite

Lucite was a popular type of furniture that was used in the '80s. The material is made of clear, thick plastic, a design element many homeowners loved and favored. Additionally, using lucite furniture often made a room appear more open due to its transparent appearance.

2. Cool canopies

Bedrooms in the '80s were filled with all kinds of fascinating décor elements. However, canopies were often used as chic accessories to enhance aesthetics and comfortability. They came in various styles and colors, from sheer material to patterned cloth. 

3. Low seating

Another popular design element in the '80s was low seating; particularly, sofas, such as the rounded ones, were desired over options with sharper angles. This gave it another layer of comfort that was beyond this world. Add in some mood lighting, and you will have a cozy space.

4. Nifty neons

Talk about a real pop of color! Neon accents were the epitome of 1980s home décor, from lighting on the walls to standalone neon lights that could sit on nightstands. You could find accents in furniture, bedding, dining, and more. 

5. Bold and brassy

Brass was another popular finish that was used in the '80s. One would see brass fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms, adding an air of sophistication and an almost antique feel to the décor around the house.  

6. Palms and pinks

Greenery as an interior element was widespread in the '80s. Palms were especially enjoyed, primarily ones of more significant proportions. Pair them up with a brightly colored wall, and you have an '80s aesthetic that you can't go wrong with. 

7. Hanging plant holders made a statement

Macramé plant holders were just about everywhere you turned in the '80s, and plants would fill the home, adding lush greenery to a bold space. Back then, people were just starting to learn about and appreciate indoor plants and their cleansing properties. 

8. Memphis style

Memphis-style décor was very prominent during the '80s. This trend combined bold colors and furniture in interesting geometric shapes. It was a movement to get away from the minimalistic style and create something more eye-catching.

9. Play around with pastels

While you may think neon was the only color to dominate the decade, pastels played a significant role in home décor. This was especially true if you were using color-blocking techniques. A great pastel on the wall could set the tone for the rest of the room.

10. CD racks

It was not uncommon to see plenty of CD racks around the home, as this was the most popular storage method at the time. There were various frames, some with wood finishes, others created out of plastic, and some even had a funky retro theme. 

11. Bright furniture

When it came to furniture, bright and exciting was what one would look out for in an '80s home. Colors like a bright mustard yellow or a lovely bright green can go a long way, especially on furniture, which is almost always the focal point of a room. 

12. Heavy curtains

Many bedrooms had elaborate window coverings, especially heavy drapes. These drapes were prevalent, even in other parts of the house. Not only did these curtains take up a lot of room, but most of the time, they also had matching valances. Lace curtains were also favored during this time as well. 

13. Bamboo furniture

It's hard not to think about how furniture looked on the '80s show, "The Golden Girls," as it was a bamboo furniture paradise! Sofas, chairs, and tables were all made from the versatile plant. When paired with some lovely palm décor, bamboo gives off an '80s aesthetic, depending on how you style it. 

14. Chintzy fabrics

Chintz often refers to a multi-colored floral fabric that has a glazed finish. These were typically seen in bedrooms, and one would especially find it on comforters, linens, and curtains, and it was a trendy choice for young teens during that decade.

15. Glass blocks

Glass blocks were very prominent décor, and you could find them in many houses. They offered privacy while allowing sunlight to stream through and warm the home. Fun fact — glass blocks were first created in the 1880s, an entire century before they became an '80s décor staple.

16. Color blocking

Color blocking was a principal element of design during the '80s. When color blocking, one would take two contrasting colors and use them together in the same room. Popular choices were teal, coral, yellow, and green. Accents in contrasting colors also added to the bright décor. 

17. Abstract wall designs

Abstract shapes were all the rage, sometimes through art hanging on walls or murals. These little pops of color added a nice contrast against the pastels that decorated 1980s homes. Even though they are simple, they pack a big punch when decorating.

18. Geometric furniture

The orange color on this chair was a popular choice back in the '80s. But even more, the furniture was sometimes pretty geometric, with clean lines and angles, and would often come in bright colors. You could even create your own look by taking a chair and giving it an '80s makeover. 

19. Bold wall art

One thing you would probably see in every '80s home is bold art prints. With certain styles, especially Memphis, bright and daring were vital. Pieces of artwork like these not only add color to a room but can accent other furniture pieces, too.

20. Mauve movement

Mauve was a color that was popular with little ones and adults alike. The "Mauve Movement" was started after the death of famed painter Georgia O'Keefe, and it was a prime color choice for rooms in the 1980s. Sometimes it was used as an accent, and at other times, it was used to paint whole rooms. 

21. Bold phone choices

Some of our favorite '80s sitcoms featured funky-looking phones, which were on par with the decade, from clear phones where you could see the colorful insides to novelty phones like this one. They could be found everywhere, from living rooms to teens' bedrooms. If you could dream up a design, there was probably one out there.

22. Tiffany lamps

With all of their beauty, Tiffany lamps were a very on-point decorating choice for the 1980s. They featured many bold and beautiful colors that would cast gorgeous light anywhere it was placed. Today, many of these lamps are antiques in the home decorating world.

23. Pine and oak cabnitery

If you looked at a kitchen during that decade, many homes had pine or oak cabinetry. Homeowners also used it for other furniture, including bookcases, hutches, and tables. Even breadboxes — which were also a staple of the '80s, took on this look, too. Today, many favor lighter color cabinetry over the dated, stained wood look.

24. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds were the epitome of window treatments of that era. They never really blocked out all of the sunlight, and they were a bit of a pain to put up, open, and close every night. Not to mention when one broke, it was hard to replace it. But these were seen in many homes during the decade.

25. Ruffled everything

In the '80s, there were ruffles everywhere! They could be seen on everything from couches to ottomans, curtains and beds, and sometimes bedside tables. Of course, there were also ruffles in clothing, too. This trend has seemingly gone by the wayside, as many people are opting for more sleek and stylish options for items like bed skirts.

26. Outdated entertainment systems

The 1980s saw bulky televisions, VHS tapes, and cassette tapes. All of these certainly have their place in history. Today, we see flat-screen televisions, and we can stream all of our favorite movies and music in one place. Technology got its kickstart in the '80s and hasn't stopped since.

27. Wicker and rattan furniture

Rattan and wicker materials were used to create many furniture pieces like tables and chairs; sometimes, you would even find a wicker couch in someone's home. These kinds of materials worked well with the large number of plants that were popular during this era.

28. Vanity lighting and sconces

Something straight out of a Hollywood movie set, vanity lighting became highly popular in the '80s. Many girls had a vanity with lights like this, whether in the bathroom or their bedroom. Wall sconces were also a big hit with interior decorators in the '80s.

29. Terrazzo pattern

Terrazzo is a unique blend of glass, granite, quartz, marble, and other materials. The 1980s saw it being used as a popular flooring material, and today it has grown to grace countertops, backsplashes, art, and more, and it is even making a comeback.

30. Halogen bulbs

One lamp stood out amongst others when it came to illuminating the 1980s. The halogen lamp became very popular, and one would often see them on bedside tables or as freestanding lights. They threw off a lot of light, making them a popular choice, especially among students at their desks.