Are Monsteras As Houseplants Going Out Of Style?

You can spend five minutes scrolling through social media, and you're likely to see a monstera deliciosa plant. They are stunning plants with large green leaves that feature elegant fenestrations. These plants also come in a variegated variety in which the leaves vibrant green is marbled with a bright white. It's safe to say these are simply spectacular plants, and it's easy to see why they quickly took over the world.

The monstera houseplant trend is so prolific throughout homes across the planet that it's hard to pinpoint where the craze started. However, according to Racked, many might credit the blog Jungalow by Justina Blakeney for jumpstarting this trend in 2018. Her blog explains how to decorate your home with wild elements and bring the vibes of the great outdoors into your home. Since then, the monstera plant and its iconic leaves can be found in magazines, websites, social media, fashion, and decor.

With all this popularity in such a short time, is this plant now going out of style?

Are monsteras out of style?

The short answer is no. While this has been a trend for a few years now and typically would be phasing out soon, monsteras are still going strong (via Planet House Plant). Walk into any plant shop or nursery, and you'll find several monsteras in multiple sizes. Many designers love them for their simplistic yet organic-shaped leaves. The bold green is easy to decorate with, and even as smaller plants, they are attractive.

Take a moment to search Etsy with just the word monstera, and you'll be overwhelmed with the number of items people have made with monsteras on them. There's wallpaper, mugs, wall art, blankets, pillows, plates, clothes, and much more. So not only are they still popular as houseplants, they are popular in all sorts of ways. In fact, if you're not a green thumb but love this plant too, you can decorate your home with images of the big green leaves.