The Best Faux-Neon Signs On The Market

For anyone who's ever been mesmerized by the flashing lights of a neon sign, there's no denying their appeal. And while these signages may look like they're straight out of the '80s, they're still very much in use today. Neon signs were illuminated with either argon or neon gases. But today, we have different options that are way more energy efficient. According to FastSigns, neon signs are electric signages that use low-voltage LEDs to spell out messages or depict a scene. They come in many shades, including traditional neon colors like red, green, and blue, and more modern colors like pink, purple, and white. Because they use low-voltage LEDs, they are cost-effective as well. 

Such bright signs are often used for businesses, as they are a very eye-catching way to advertise. They can be placed on windows or the exterior of buildings and can even be made into custom shapes. Neon signs make a wonderful decorating accent around your home, especially if you want to highlight something or just want a bright spot in your house. They are not just for decorating the home, but neon signs are popular for many other events, such as weddings, parties, showers, and more. We're sharing some of the best faux neon signs on the market with you.

Olekki Pink Good Vibes Neon Sign

Good vibes are definitely what this sign is giving off. Coming in a pink or blue color, the Olekki Pink Good Vibes Neon Sign would be great in various areas of your home. Perhaps you could place it on a bookcase in your living room. Another room to install a neon sign is an office, especially for a pop of color; when you look at it, it may even help recharge your batteries, too.

They are also popular for bedrooms and can even be used as a night light. According to Relumination, LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional lights. The LED bulbs in this sign are cool to the touch and are meant to last for approximately 60,000 hours. It plugs into a USB adapter placed in an outlet, so you can move it to another room if you feel like it. It's also mounted on a plastic base with pre-drilled holes to help you hang it up quickly and easily. With almost 1,000 ratings on Amazon, this is one of the higher-quality neon signs on the market.

Jadetoad Custom Neon Sign

Lighting in and of itself can change the whole aesthetic of a room, and this made-to-order, personalized sign from Jadetoad will awe all of your guests. Custom-made signs can be anything from the family name to a favorite saying. According to Birddog Lighting, various colors can create different energies. For example, using the color red can help increase the melatonin levels in your system, making it an excellent choice for a bedroom.

Set on a thick acrylic backboard, the neon lights on this board truly take the stage and command attention. It is lightweight, and the illumination that this sign gives off is a whole vibe. There is also an option to purchase a remote with it so that you can control elements like brightness, and you can even choose between three different styles. You could always repurpose a neon sign for a wedding as a beautiful and meaningful décor element in your home. 

Koicaxy Neon Sign

Rolling like thunder and coming in with over 3,000 ratings, the Koicaxy Neon Sign is a unique neon light in the shape of a thundercloud — great for making a statement! It's a beautiful piece wherever you want to add a burst of neon. It comes in a variety of different colors, so you can choose which one would suit your home's aesthetic best. Echo Neon says that one doesn't have to be worried about their light burning out quickly. They said that, on average, it would last between 10 to 15 years.

This particular piece of lighting only requires three AA batteries to power it, allowing you can move it wherever you wish in the home. Alternatively, you could also use the USB adapter and plug it into the wall. These gorgeous neon lights are handmade with super-bright flexible LEDs and also feature an acrylic back plate. The best thing about neon lights is that they are there to make a powerful statement, share a sentiment, or even help cheer for your local sports teams. They're bold, bright, and here to stay.