The Best Plants For Your Garden If You're A Virgo

Because plants, like solar bodies, have cyclical patterns that can be studied and tracked over time, those routines can be used to predict future movements. Top Tropicals explains that when plants are viewed through an astrological lens, it's easy to see why botany and astrology are closely related. Similar to solar bodies, the cyclic growth patterns of plants are also affected and tracked by the season they are in. The seasonal cycles that move planets and stars tie together all the factors of our universe, such as time and nature, and are also the forces that drive plants to grow and cycle. 

So while astrologists look to the sky to better understand themselves and the world around them, many also say you should look to the ground and the garden in your backyard (you don't even need a telescope!). Virgos, like any other astrological sign, have certain plants that will naturally resonate with them (per Top Tropicals) and that will have either a positive or negative effect on their lives based on the astrological zodiac that rules them. And while certain plants are naturally better choices for Virgos to cultivate in their gardens, their predisposition to serve others and to act responsibly means that no matter what they plant, they will have no problem putting in the time and effort that regular garden maintenance requires.

Rubber tree

As a result of its uncommonly lustrous leaves, most people assume the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) is a synthetic plant; thus, its name, per ProFlowers. This tends to create a case of mistaken identity, exactly what makes it the perfect plant for any Virgo's garden. Being misjudged before truly being understood is a feeling that many Virgos know all too well. Pro Flowers says that Virgos are often initially misunderstood due to the incredibly high standards they hold themselves and others. 

A Virgo's willingness to serve others mirrors how a rubber tree plant works — often thanklessly and unnoticed — to purify the air around it, benefiting other life forms. According to Mashrita Nature Cloud, a test performed by NASA on a very close relative of the standard rubber tree confirmed that the plant helps purify the air by working around the clock to rid it of formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. FirstCry Parenting also says that rubber tree plants bring good fortune, which is perfect for Virgos. Love To Know details that this sign's high degree of personal responsibility leaves them constantly worrying about money.


Virgos are perfectionists and tend to shy away from things that are impractical, which is why the New York Post says begonias (Begonia spp.) and their simple, low-maintenance growing style are a perfect addition to any Virgo's garden. These strong and hardy plants only need to be watered once a week, according to Plant Addicts, meaning that they are not likely to die or dry out if you go a few days without watering. Dead, eyesore plants are not a good look for a perfectionist Virgo who wants their garden to look as beautiful and cohesive as possible.

The low-maintenance and relatively self-sufficient nature of begonias means that Virgos can spend less time babysitting these plants and more time focusing on their personal goals. This allows relief from some of the pressure they have inevitably put on themselves to achieve their objectives. Begonias also come in many colors, so don't worry, Virgo — no unsightly clashing here. Because of the vast array of begonia colors, you can strategically select and plant your begonias in a way that perfectly corresponds with the colors of neighboring plants or other nearby garden décors.


While Virgos are more than capable of being the center of attention, they often prefer to operate behind the scenes since their hard exterior and focus on practicality often prevent them from showing their fun-loving side. 1-800 Flowers says this is why buttercup (Ranunculus spp.) resonates strongly with Virgos, as you have to truly take the time to look at the subtle details of the plant to appreciate its beauty as a whole.

Any Virgo will appreciate the clean and neat structure of buttercup, as they are notoriously uniform with slight variation or contrast from one flower to another — just like Virgos. However, they appear rigid and structured from a distance; a closer look will prove they are very complex and ornate with quite a bit of dimension. FloraQueen also notes that ultra-responsible Virgos have a natural tendency to stabilize their environment. And the uniform nature of buttercups can bring a sense of order to even the wildest and unkempt growing areas. This is why it's no surprise that the buttercup is the birth flower for Virgos (per Flora Queen).


Workaholic Virgos can benefit from a bit of rest and a good night's sleep to clear their mind and unwind after a long day of chasing perfection and advancement opportunities in their career. Veranda recommends that sleep-deprived Virgos plant some valerian (Valeriana officinalis) in their garden to help shift their focus from productivity to rest, as the floral plant is a known sleep aid. This sign's need for perfection is an easy recipe for stress, and Virgos are among the most worrying signs. Whether they are worried about money, work, or accomplishing demanding goals, fortunately, planting a garden full of valerian may help relieve their stress and anxiety. According to Medical News Today, the sedative properties of valerian that make it a great sleep aid also make it a popular method of combating anxiety.

A common theory among experts regarding valerian's mysterious sedative effects is that the plant stimulates the growth of a chemical in the body called gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA. As with anxiety medications such as Xanax and Valium, valerian has a similar calming effect on the body, though to a much lesser degree. Though capsules, tablets, and tinctures of valerian extract are popular methods of consuming the plant, growing valerian in your garden is an easy way to ensure that you always have the calming plant on hand — which you can brew into a tea to reap the full benefits.

Citrus tree

Citrus plants (Citrus sps) like lime and orange trees are the perfect choice for Virgos to plant in their garden, as Plants say that they can help cancel out the adverse effects of mercurial influences. This is particularly helpful when Mercury is retrograde, as it can have a powerful and disruptive impact on Virgos. Because Mercury rules Virgo, Zappallas, Inc says when the planet retrogrades through the sign, you are more likely to miss deadlines at work or struggle with communication with your boss or coworkers. This is because Virgo rules the structure of day-to-day life in areas such as work and routine. 

Since Virgos consider so much of their identity and sense of self to be tied to work, responsibility, and productivity, making mistakes and being misunderstood at work is a particularly frustrating and uncomfortable experience for them. Elite Daily also adds that citrus fruits are commonly associated with purity and innocence — particularly in Christian symbolism, which are traits that Virgos value more than most other signs.