How To Steal Kris Jenner's Modern And Elegant Home Style

We all know Kris Jenner as the doyenne of the KarJenner empire. The women of the family are responsible for setting numerous standards in the beauty and fashion industries — under the guidance of their strong-willed and doting mom — but they've also had a hand in influencing interior design. Their full-time residences are in sunny southern CA, and they exude an easy indoor and outdoor flow and casual glamour that takes more effort and money to create than apparent. According to LoveProperty, she has become quite the real estate mogul, with the purchase and renovation of several million-dollar properties under her belt. 

Jenner sold her Hidden Hills home in April 2020 for $15 million, yet acquired it just three years earlier for $10 million. She moved on to a newly constructed house on a shared lot that included daughter Khloe's new abode. The family may have made a living airing their grievances on the public stage, but in real life, they stick together. In the Open Door tour by Architectural Digest, Jenner mentions particular spaces as the perfect spots for her children and many grandchildren to gather comfortably. In her case, going to grandma's house is just a little bit unusual. Instead of chintz and plaid in a quaint setting, Jenner's style is elegantly modern and featured in grand, open spaces. Below, we explain how to steal her fresh and immaculate interior design style. 

Eye-catching art

Interior designers Waldo Fernandez and mother-and-son duo Kathleen and Tommy Clements designed Kris Jenner's Hidden Hills home. The rooms emit serenity and feature light neutrals, sumptuous textures, and clean silhouettes. They feel cozy and expansive due to the layering of pale tonal shades through paint, furnishings, and carpets. However, we know Jenner as anything but vanilla; her vast art collection injects the subdued environment with energy and color. For example, the simplicity of her dining room, shown above, is enlivened with two original artworks with acid shades and vibrant imagery. 

The portrait is by artist Yoshitomo Nara; Jenner also owns a neon piece by sculptor Tracey Emin, per TheArtGorgeous. Even the powder room's night black walls are decorated with a gallery of fantastical figure drawings. We may not all have art with pedigree, but like Jenner, we can add color, vitality, and interest to our spaces with enjoyable pieces. Scour antique and second-hand stores, online resellers, and maker sites for impactful and affordable art. Or gift yourself an original and support a living artist. A common designer tip: Don't buy art to match the sofa.

Mid-century and art deco furniture

Kris Jenner's pieces fall under the mid-century modern or art deco-style umbrellas, with sleek or curvy silhouettes. Furniture is generally low to the ground, offering open sight lines and the feeling of spaciousness, as well as a chic, chill vibe. Textiles frequently appearing in these styles include mohair, wool boucle, linen, velvet, and shearling. While natural stone and wood with abundant graining and movement add an earthy component, these materials contribute to a cozy and layered environment.

You don't need the momager's funds to give your home a similar aesthetic. A few vintage or reproduction pieces can significantly impact the design; mixing these trendy objects with other décor elements ensures your space won't look like a furniture showroom. Many prefer to shop authentic pieces because they're constructed with craftsmanship and quality materials, although they may require freshening up or refinishing. If purchasing new furniture, opt for well-made items and stain-resistant fabrics, which will help preserve light-colored upholstery, like that in Jenner's living room. 

Modern elements in an open layout

Mid-century elements feature prominently in the architecture of Kris Jenner's home, as seen in her Open Door tour by Architectural Digest. Floating wooden steps and a glass railing are incorporated into the design, allowing light to flow throughout. The treatment makes the central part of the first floor and all adjacent areas visible and helps it to feel expansive. In the sitting room just off the kitchen, a wall of glass doors celebrates the view of the kitted-out patio, pool, and lush greenery beyond. The replacement of vast expanses of walls with glass is repeated in several rooms, blurring the distinction between inside and outside spaces. 

Jenner's home has very little by way of pieces that interrupt the views or the open layout. The omission of the immense, dripping chandeliers we might have expected to see is intentional — instead, the fixtures are spare and unobtrusive. Aside from art, those disappearing doors and massive slabs of stone in the form of fireplace surrounds, walls are mostly unadorned. There is nothing fussy: no wallpaper, architectural paneling, or crown molding. While your home's renovation into a modern showcase might not be in the cards, you can mimic some key components or lack thereof. Use white paint or a small tonal palette of the same light color, choose neutral drapery, and opt for a few hanging light fixtures. If budget allows, consider hardwood flooring. And finally, maintain the view of the outdoors as much as reasonably possible.

A contemporary, well-appointed kitchen

The KarJenner family is a close-knit bunch, and Kris Jenner dubbed the kitchen in her Hidden Hills residence the heart of the home. It's an optimal spot for entertaining and spending time together; as Jenner noted, everyone liked to hang out there. The open layout includes a sunny eat-in space and flows into the adjacent cozy sitting area. Yet, the room is more than a place to socialize; she stated that someone was always cooking or baking, and her grandchildren consistently came for the treats. The contemporary design is one of the few dark finishes appearing in Jenner's home. Black cabinets contrast with white marble counters, the counter splash, and a center island, creating a graphic and crisp feeling. The staggered height island is an ideal place for upholstered stools and chatting with the cook. 

According to REH Real Estate, appliances are by Wolf & Miele, including a six-burner range that adds a bit of industrial flair to the polished room — a large range hood blends seamlessly into the cabinetry. Per Bath Plus Kitchen Design Remodel, light neutrals, such as beige, gray, and white, are the current trending palette for kitchen cabinets. However, they concede that dark millwork occasionally makes an appearance. Opt for a dark finish with flat fronts and simple hardware to simulate Jenner's style. Additionally, choose natural stone counters and keep them free of clutter, except for bowls of perfect produce and blooming bouquets.

Glamorous touches

Kris Jenner's home abounds with elegant and glamorous touches that err on the side of understated. The details speak to festivity and hominess as well. A gorgeous vintage bar, for example, is aesthetically beautiful but also awaits entertaining. The same can be said for the ebony grand piano gifted to her by daughter Kim and Kanye West. Strategically placed cut crystal, fresh flowers, and glowing fires within extravagant stone hearths conjure light, life, and warmth. The furniture, too, is chic yet comfy. Outside, it's the same story — from the zero-edge pool and firepit to the outdoor living room; everything is in service to entertainment, enjoyment, and comfort. 

Glamour Nest has the following advice for achieving casual glamour. Combine sumptuous fabric like velvet or silk with simple cotton or linen, mix rustic wood with gleaming metallics and lucite, offer something quirky, and make sure your home is inviting in the end. To reproduce Jenner's carefree style, assume you're having company and act accordingly. For example, light candles, stock a well-appointed bar — the bottles and glassware shimmer in the evening, and buy yourself flowers, which do wonders for any space. From a big-picture perspective, consider creating a home that encourages relaxation and celebration of life's finest things. That could mean finally installing the patio you've always wanted, renovating the basement to include a state-of-the-art media room, or opening a wall so you don't have to cook alone.