Shea McGee Shares Her Secret For Finding The Perfect Paint Shade

Picking the right colors to use throughout your home is a long and stressful process. Not only are there an endless amount of choices available, but you also have to find the right shade out of all those. Then what happens when you use that color throughout your home only to discover it is too bright or too dark? Murphy Bros explains that even the slightest change in light can alter your entire perspective on a certain pigment as the hues change in different lighting. For example, if you don't have enough light inside a room or the light carries at a certain angle, the shade you decided to paint that room can make the area feel too dark or even cause discomfort.

Luckily, Shea McGee knows just how to avoid these problems. From the first two seasons of her Netflix series "Dream Design Makeover," we learned a lot about choosing the right styles and designs for our home. Now, as her third season rolls around, she is taking it a step further by revealing her secret to finding the perfect paint shades for a home (per Domino). Let's take a closer look at McGee's secret below.

The 75% strength rule

When it comes to finding the perfect paint shade for your home, Shea McGee's secret is to never purchase colors at full strength. McGee further explains that when you find something you love, it may seem too dark or bold to paint inside your home, but finding a lighter shade of that same color may be too light to still have an effect. So, to find the perfect balance, all you have to do is ask for the color you like at 75% strength (per Domino).

On Studio McGee, she further explains that when you ask for paint at 75% strength, you are asking for a less saturated version of that color, giving it a softer, perfectly balanced look within your home. So, take the leap of faith and try out this secret the next time you decided to repaint your home. Domino informs us that asking for this accommodation will not cost you extra and can easily be provided for you by the professional working at your local home improvement store.