5 Affordable Ways To Transition Your Outdoor Area From Summer To Fall

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As the seasons change from summer to fall, so should the decorations inside and outside your home. One area that some may overlook is their deck, porch, patio, or other outdoor areas. Transitioning this space from the fun of summer to the coziness of fall will help encourage you and your family to spend more time outside during this beautiful time of year. Sanctuary Home Decor says that, during this period, the bright summer colors should be replaced with warmer tones. When decorating for a new season, switch out your previous décor pieces with your new items instead of mixing them. 

To do this, you could first collect all your summer items and then, with a blank slate, start putting together your cozy fall space. If you're looking to get your outdoor area ready for autumn without breaking the budget, below are affordable changes you could make. These will help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your backyard.

1. Add extra throws

One of the most affordable ways to revamp an outdoor space is by adding extra throw pillows and blankets. Perhaps you brought these comfy décor elements inside during the summer months since the weather was sweltering, but those throws will come in handy as the temperature cools.

When choosing an outdoor blanket, Outer Inc says to make sure it's durable, waterproof, comfortable, and will last in many different weather conditions. Having one that is machine washable is also a great benefit. Similarly, StoneGable says that, when choosing an outdoor pillow, make sure it's resistant to water, mold, mildew, and fading, or, in other words, that it's made to be outside. If you're looking for extra autumn-looking pillows, Pro Home And Kitchen list some of the best covers sold on Amazon, from ones adorned with pumpkins to those with just a simple orange and white plaid pattern. Or, you could choose pillows that aren't fall-themed and have just a simple, neutral design.

2. Replace your tablecloth

If you have an outdoor table, replacing the summer-themed cloth that's perhaps made of vinyl or that has bright colors with one that looks cozier is sure to make your space appear ready for autumn. Or, if you don't have an outdoor tablecloth, you could add one. IQ Linens says that tablecloths made of polyester give a softer appearance over vinyl options. Additionally, they are machine washable and can look more expensive than they really are. Or, you could choose a more natural material like burlap. While these aren't as easy to clean, they add a rustic and comfortable feeling to any space. Additionally, to make sure your cloth doesn't blow away, you could choose one that's fitted or utilize tablecloth clips.

Choosing the right design is also important. You could select a fall-themed one with leaves, sunflowers, or pumpkins or purchase one that features the season's colors, like burgundy, burnt orange, and dark green. Wayfair has quite a large selection at low prices.

3. Give your fence a fresh coat of paint

With the kids out of school and at home all day in the summer, making time for some home improvement projects can be challenging. Something you may have been putting off is painting your fence. Perhaps the paint is chipping, or it's looking a little dull from the hot summer sun. Giving it a fresh coat will give your space an inviting feel. According to The Turquoise Home, this simple DIY doesn't cost much or take up lots of time, mainly if you use a paint sprayer.

Additionally, you could choose to paint your fence a moodier color. Maybe it's a bright white right now, and you'd like to make your area more unique. You could paint your wall solid black to make your landscaping pop. Additionally, this deep backdrop will give your space a super exciting look once the leaves start changing. Making Things Is Awesome says you won't regret painting your fence black because it makes your yard look cleaner and more modern.

4. Include extra lighting

As the weather gets colder, the days also get shorter. Less daylight may mean that your family starts spending more time inside, preventing them from getting much-needed fresh air. You could add additional outdoor lighting to encourage your family and guests to spend time in your outdoor area. One way to do this is by changing your current light fixtures for some that focus the light to one spot, which would make your space brighter, per LightsOnline. They also suggest using multiple kinds of lighting, including overhead fixtures, wall sconces, and path lights on either side of the walkway. You could also add string lights to make your area even more inviting.

Including a fireplace will also give you more warm lighting while, at the same time, providing you with a fun place to roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories. Candles could also be used to elevate your backyard's ambiance. Mosquito Naturals points out that certain candles will repel mosquitoes while also giving your space a comfy feeling, especially those that flicker.

5. Layer a cozy rug

Replacing your brightly colored summer rug for one with more natural or autumn tones will give your space an extra fall feeling. Further, rugs are great layering pieces and make a space's design feel complete, and they will make it look like extra care was taken in choosing and executing your area's design.

To choose the right outdoor rug, you should focus on the size. Jessica Welling Interiors says that when picking one for underneath an outdoor table, make sure all the chairs are still on the rug, even when pulled out. When used for a seating area, make sure the front legs of every chair or couch can fit on the rug. Next, think about the material of your rug. According to Family Leisure, you should avoid those made out of cotton or wool, as they will soak up moisture. Jute and bamboo are better natural options, and those made out of synthetic materials will be the most durable and easiest to clean.