3 Rugs To Pair With A Black Couch

A black couch can be both a statement piece and a staple in any home. The versatility of this color in furniture is ideal for any homeowner, and the dark fabric is great for hiding dirt or stains, too. No matter if you opt for plush leather or soft material, black is great for mixing and matching within your living areas. When it comes to additions and accents, choosing patterns or tones that facilitate a good aesthetic is important.

While they are easily overlooked, rugs are a huge part of any room, and can complement or contrast with your couch in a beneficial way that makes it stand out as a focal piece. Picking the right rug to match your furniture comes down to knowing what works well together, and Ruggable notes that lighter floor coverings accent dark furniture the best. Because your black couch is meant to draw in the eye, you want a rug that balances both this piece and the rest of the decor.


Using lighter tones to contrast with a black couch creates depth and dimension, bringing people's attention to the darker object while still adding a bright accent. Opt for a cream-colored rug when you want to create a warm, welcoming space that also feels simple and clean. Choosing a plain cream floor covering or something with a subtle pattern will offset the black material, drawing the eye in without making it feel too intense.

The Sylvie Chevron Handmade Flatweave Wool Area Rug from Wayfair comes in a cream and black pattern that is both stunning and unassuming, so it blends well with a variety of surroundings. The black weave will pull the couch's fabric through the rest of the room, while the cream creates a cozy, neutral palette to decorate around. According to Avalon Flooring, wool is a great material for rugs and carpeting because it is durable, and holds color throughout years of wear and tear.


Patterns and textures can add vibrancy to any space, and using these to complement a black couch can work wonders. Black can feel so solid and unyielding, but by adding shapes and patterns, you're creating volume and a multi-faceted backdrop. Using a geometric rug will give your couch a truly unique appearance, making it pop while also sharing the stage. The NuLOOM Kira Machine Washable Tribal Geometric Area Rug on Amazon is a perfect example of this, offering a unique design that complements and contrasts with the solid material of the sofa. A Flooring Boutique also notes that patterned rugs can easily disguise dirt, spills, and other detritus that can be more visible on plain coverings.

The pattern is engaging but not too extreme, giving the living room dimension without making it feel chaotic. They offer a variety of sizes, but a larger area rug will help pull all the coexisting colors through. The larger sections of ivory still offer a range of potential for accompanying accents and decor, allowing you to choose how the rest of the space is designed. You can add pops of brighter colors in the form of throw pillows, or use mixed metals to keep everything modern and uniform.

Faux Hide Rug

Rugs come down to preference, and while some people might avoid faux animal prints like the plague, others downright love them. Depending on how you feel, a fake cowhide rug can be a fun addition to any room that boasts a black couch. You can also opt for another print, but the cowhide offers a clean, engaging look that incorporates the colors you likely already have within the space. It also adds a funky and unique spin that draws in the eye, both to the rug and the couch itself. Flux recommends using faux fur rugs when you want to add warmth and uplifting emotions to a room.

Wayfair's Naugatuck Animal Print Machine Made Faux Cowhide Rug is a great example of this trend. It looks stylish but refreshing and pulls the room together easily with the pattern. Non-meat and meat eaters alike can feel comfortable around this splendid floor covering since the synthetic material is soft and cozy but isn't made of real animal hide. If you're looking for a statement piece to match your other statement pieces, this rug is the one for you.