The Best Way To Clean Your Fake Plants

If you're not great at taking care of plants, perhaps you've decided to decorate your space with artificial ones. InSideOut says fake plants don't require as much maintenance and can be placed in areas without sunlight. They also last forever, unlike real ones. Further, faux greenery can look just like the real thing — therefore, they can add a cozy, natural element as well as a fun pop of green to any room. Well, that is, unless the plant is covered in dust and dirt.

Cleaning your artificial plants regularly is important for a few reasons. First, as already stated, when cleaned, they can look like they are alive. Additionally, dirty plants can make your space look unkempt. And those with dust allergies may experience runny noses and itchy eyes when near your fake greenery. To keep your plants looking their best, they should be dusted weekly, per Artiplanto. Below, you'll find the best way to keep your fake plants clean and well-maintained.

How to clean your artificial plants

First, identify if your fake plant is made of plastic, polyester, silk, or other material. If you're unsure about the material, it's best to use only a dry cloth or a pressurized air duster to clean it, per Two Peas In A Condo. As an alternative, Plantscape recommends a soft painter's brush for dusting.

Plants made out of plastic or polyester that you can remove from their container can be cleaned in cold water with a small amount of detergent. To do this, swish them around in the water, then shake and place on a towel to dry, per Housewife How-Tos. If you cannot take them out of the pot, wrap the container in a trash bag and use cold water to rinse off the leaves, which can then be pat dry with a soft towel. Make sure to keep the trash bag on until the plant is completely dry to prevent water from dripping onto its container.

If you have silk plants that cannot get wet, hold them inside an old pillowcase with the base outside. Pour a cup of salt into the improvised bag and gently shake. Finally, remove the plant and gently shake it again to get rid of the salt. For silk greenery that can get wet, dust them and then spray with an equal mixture of water and rubbing alcohol. Finally, use a hair dryer to quickly dry them.

Extra tips for maintaining your fake plants

Besides their regular cleaning, there are other ways to keep your plants looking their best. Because they can be damaged by the sun, you should either place them away from sunlight or spray them with a UV protector, per Two Peas In A Condo. Furthermore, they can also lose their shine over time, making them appear obviously fake. To polish your plants, you could use a thin layer of hairspray or, surprisingly, mayonnaise.

Additionally, you should never clean faux plants with hot water, as this could ruin them or cause fading. Those who want to thoroughly clean their greenery could invest in a cleaner made specifically for artificial plants, per Artiplanto. Another way to improve the overall look of your fake greenery is by cleaning its pot or container. To do this, Plantscape says to use a cloth, a vacuum, or a duster. However, ensure never to get any faux dirt or packing materials wet, as this could lead to mold or mildew growth.