What Is Dirty Energy In Your Home And What Can You Do About It?

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We like to think of home as a safe haven that shelters our loved ones and houses our favorite possessions and memories. But for some folks, there is a worry that those creature comforts are silently generating a toxicity known as dirty energy. The Radiation Safety Institute of Canada explains that while the term is not a scientific one, it's commonly used to refer to energy that has been altered. It's a type of unusable electromagnetic energy (EMF) caused by interruptions in the flow of power from electrical devices, says Dirty Electricity. And our homes, now filled with all sorts of electronic gadgets, have become ground zero for this type of low-energy radiation.

Although there are more than 25,000 published articles on the topic of dirty energy, many suggest that there is not sufficient evidence to support a link between health issues and exposure to EMF, explains the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, the WHO notes that deeper research is still needed on the biological impacts since some studies have been inconclusive or don't adequately represent minor health impacts. While it is still unsure if there is any danger from being surrounded by EMFs, if you would like to shield yourself and your loved ones from unnecessary exposure, there are things you can do.

EMF home exposure and concerns

According to Doctor of medicine Jill Carnahan, some of the most common household culprits of EMF are cell phones, microwaves, computers, smart TVs, routers, fitness trackers, and headphones. She also believes that EMF radiation from such devices as well as from cell towers and power lines can contribute to ailments like cancer, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, and Alzheimer's. She explains that magnetic and electrical functions naturally occur in human body processes and that EMFs can affect these, per Foundation For Alternative And Integrative Medicine. Although studies are inconclusive, some people (about 6% of the population) may have sensitivities to EMF, reports the Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine. Alleged symptoms are often vague, chronic, and difficult to diagnose, ranging from heart palpitations, fatigue, nausea, skin irritations, depression, digestive problems, and more.

EMF Caution suggests that there are actually five types of EMF: extremely long frequencies (ELF), radio frequencies (RF), electric fields, magnetic fields, and dirty electricity — with the last three being caused by household wiring and electronic devices. Knowing the sources of EMF is helpful in locating the bad energy and reducing or eliminating it. Jill Carnahan recommends using a meter that is designed to detect EMF ranges. The Acousticom 2RF EMF meter is available on Amazon for under $200.

Detecting and blocking EMF in your home

There are many types of barriers that aim to mitigate radiation exposure in your home, although it's impossible to eliminate it entirely. The amount of radiation blocked depends on the material used (copper is extremely effective). EMF Guide suggests taking into consideration all the sources of radiation inside and outside the home before buying any shielding products. According to Beat EMF, filtering dirty electricity can be done easily with plug-ins, kill switches, and whole-house filters. Plug-Ins, inserted into wall outlets, protect against harmonic currents and transient voltage electricity. Kill switches eliminate power to designated circuits at times you determine, while whole-house filtration systems are pricey and need to be installed by a certified electrician.

Another barrier, says EMF Guide, is EMF-shielding paint that is said to keep 99% of outdoor contamination from reaching the inside of your home. There are also additives that can be purchased to make any latex or acrylic paint a shield. These items can be found online and in regular home construction stores. There's also special radiation deflecting film that easily adheres to window panes and guards for wifi routers that prevent up to 90% of EMF from escaping. And, if you are concerned about EMF while you're sleeping, special mesh canopies are available to enclose beds and cribs. With some understanding and added protection, you can reduce exposure and enjoy technology in your home more healthily.