Alex G.

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New Orleans, LA
Flagler College
Home Decor, Real Estate, Budgeting
  • Alex has spent many years studying the history of pre-fabricated and mass-produced homes.
  • He's an avid thrift store digger and collector of mid-century art and decor.
  • He loves to garden, with a focus on plants that he can eat.


In 2024, Alex joined House Digest as a contributor. Home decor and DIY projects are a personal obsession of Alex's as he's constantly looking to zhuzh up (and occasionally repair) the 1800s apartments he's called home in the Crescent City. Alex has worked as a journalist for well over a decade. In that time, he became a passable expert on pop music, environmental engineering, real estate, and the architecture of Palm Springs when different outlets came calling. He's lived in (and wrote about) New Orleans since 2014, covering all sides of the culture and nightlife for various publications. Over the years, he's been a regular contributor at Complex, Consequence of Sound,, and SeatGeek. He also served as an editor for Orlando Weekly, the Columbia Free Times, Palm Springs Life, and The Messenger.


Alex has a bachelor's degree in communication from Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL.
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