Alisa Noble

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New Orleans, Louisiana
Outdoor Living Spaces, Home Decor & Design Hacks, Perennial Gardening
  • Growing up in a gardening and woodworking family and living abroad has given Alisa a passion for all things repurposed, restored, and sustained.
  • She loves to join conversations centered around budget-friendly, energy-conserving DIY home improvement projects that involve the entire family and promote community.
  • Her extensive travels also ignited an obsession for scouring antique stores and markets for unconventional and vintage home decor.


Alisa has worked as a professional editor, writer, and educator. She started her career in life sciences and then transitioned to education, which landed her a position as a lecturer at a British university in Tangier, Morocco, for several years. After returning to the US, Alisa pursued certification in copyediting. She has written copy for software companies, marketing agencies, and home and garden outlets, and she most recently worked as a technical editor for a major pharmaceutical company.


Alisa has a Bachelor of Science in medical technology from LSU Health Sciences Center.
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