Anabelle Bernard Fournier

Photo of Anabelle Bernard Fournier
Montréal, Canada
Université Du Québec à Montréal, Concordia University, University Of Victoria
Home Décor, Women's Health, Real Estate
  • Anabelle has been writing about home décor for home décor companies and media since 2013.
  • She loves decorating small spaces using feng shui principles.
  • The psychology of color and living space fascinate her.


Anabelle hails from Montreal, Canada and has been writing about home décor for close to ten years. She has published in The Spruce and has written for BuildDirect, the DIY renovation company. She also has expertise in women's health, real estate, and dating. With an education in English and psychology, Anabelle knows that a good story can change lives. She is passionate about everything cat-related, feng shui for small spaces, and of course home décor trends.


Anabelle has a bachelor's degree in English from Concordia University, a master's in English from the University of Victoria, and a bachelor's in psychology from the University of Victoria as well.
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