Annette Hird

Photo of Annette Hird
Grantville, Victoria, Australia
University Of Queensland, Gatton College
Horticulturist, Expert Gardener, Plant Enthusiast
  • Annette started her own website on urban gardening in 2013 and has continued to add helpful and informative articles over the years from her experiences and knowledge to share with others.
  • She has ghostwritten two books for clients, one on using grow bags and one on basic propagation for beginners, using her knowledge and experience.
  • Annette has had the pleasure of writing plant-related and gardening articles for a number of websites with her own byline.


After college, Annette worked for a number of years as a professional propagator for private production nurseries and a local council nursery. Since then, she has combined her two passions for gardening and writing and has followed a career path into creating content to help other aspiring gardeners experience the joy of growing and maintaining their own garden oasis.


Back in 1997, Annette completed an associate diploma of applied science in Horticulture to follow her passion for gardening and the natural environment.
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