Brandy Eaklor

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St. Louis, Missouri
Missouri College
Home Decor DIY, Tropical Houseplant Care, Edible Gardening
  • On Instagram, Brandy has marketed for top home decor and DIY brands, including Old Time Pottery, King of Christmas, and Dollar Tree.
  • She tests household products around her home to find the best all-natural cleaning hacks.
  • When she's not writing, she tends to her edible garden using unexpected/repurposed items to make it thrive.


As a feature writer for House Digest, Brandy shares her experience on a variety of topics, with a focus on gardening tips and unexpected cleaning hacks. She takes her love for plants and home decor to teach her readers how to create their dream interior design and thriving garden without spending a fortune. She found her passion for writing early on in life after begging her mother for a computer so she could learn to type at six years old. After college, Brandy began her writing career in 2015 by publishing her website, Build Strong Vibes, before writing for sites like Healthy Place and Own the Yard.


Brandy earned an associate degree from Missouri College.
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