Dana Nichols

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University Of Southern California (USC)
Architecture, Home Design, Travel, Hotels
  • Dana writes about art, travel, design, architecture, and other topics for a variety of print and online publications.
  • In addition to writing, she has worked in communications, marketing, and public relations roles with a number of architects, contractors, interior designers, and design vendors in her native Los Angeles.
  • Travel and hotels are a major passion of hers.


Dana has two decades of professional writing experience for magazines, websites, newspapers, and corporate clients, and has been working in the architecture/design space since 2013. She has written for Newport Beach magazine, St. Regis' Bespoke magazine, Adventure Journal, Houzz, Orbitz, Women in Luxury Design, Maxim Lighting, Delaware Today, Cabela's, Desert Magazine, and the furniture brand Made Goods, in addition to proofreading a number of books. She loves exploring topics that have to do with a sense of place — travel, cities, architecture, design, hotels, international design, history, and regional styles.


Dana has a degree in print journalism from USC in Los Angeles. During her time there, she was Managing Editor for the student-run newspaper, The Daily Trojan.
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