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CineArts Academy
Home Trends, Decorating Hacks, Cleaning & Organizing
  • Helen has over five years of published writing experience in the home and lifestyle spaces.
  • Her biggest design dilemma is that she likes a lot of different interior design styles. Luckily, this has made her a pro at mixing and blending different aesthetics in her home.
  • She was a cinematography major, which allowed her to easily transfer her knowledge over to the home design world. The use of color, lighting, and an eye for detail are but a few.


Helen joined the House Digest team as a news writer in 2024, where she enjoys helping readers upgrade their homes, one hack at a time. Her love of home design started when she fell for English country interiors when she lived in the U.K., became obsessed with French design as soon as she landed in Paris, and explored the world of Artisanal style throughout her journey across the Indian Ocean. It was clear then that Helen wanted to write about this subject. Since her writing career began in 2019, she has written for various publications, including Foter Magazine, Visual Hunt, and The Spruce.


Helen holds a filmmaking diploma from CineArts Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
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