Kenna O'Rourke

Photo of Kenna O'Rourke
Philadelphia, PA
University Of Pennsylvania
Houseplant Care, Outdoor Gardening, Sustainability
  • Kenna has been a volunteer grave gardener at the Woodlands historic cemetery in Philadelphia since 2016.
  • She edited academic writing about poetics with Jacket2 magazine for 11 years.
  • Her background is in short fiction writing, and she wrote a short story collection for her creative writing thesis in 2015.


Kenna O'Rourke (they/she) is a professional editor and writer who has worked with venues like McSweeney's, Camino Books, the Penn Art & Culture blog, and Jacket2 magazine. Kenna has a background in copywriting, proofreading, and developmental editing, and most recently served as the managing editor of Jacket2, an academic poetics journal for eight years. Their editorial and copywriting experience spans over eleven years, and they currently do freelance editorial, writing, and research work for The Urban Writers and Dr. Kyoo Lee (CUNY).


Kenna holds a bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in creative writing from the University of Pennsylvania.
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