Lindsay Donaldson

Photo of Lindsay Donaldson
Pine, Colorado
Michigan State University
Gardening, Upcycling, Eco-Friendly Cleaning
  • Lindsay is well-versed in everything DIY, from making her own green cleaning products to building pieces for her home with salvaged wood.
  • She's passionate about vintage-style design, organic gardening, and upcycling hard-to-recycle materials.
  • She lives an eco-friendly lifestyle in the Colorado mountains, where she coaxes vegetables to grow at 8,500 feet.


Lindsay's passion for indoor and outdoor gardening, creating backyard habitats, and upcycling has been useful in her articles for House Digest. Her extensive experience digging in the dirt and repurposing potential landfill fodder adds color to her articles. Thrift and eco-friendliness also drive her writing for House Digest, and she's delighted to show readers how the two can go hand in hand.


Lindsay earned a Bachelor of Arts in French with honors and a Master of Arts in curriculum and teaching with high honors, both from Michigan State University.
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