Megan Brame

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Rochester, NY
University Of Pittsburgh
Houseplants, Gardening, Vintage Home Decor
  • Megan runs three YouTube channels dedicated to home and living. One is for houseplants and aquatic foliage, another is for DIY crafting, and the last is for home decor and home improvement.
  • Her work has been featured in over 100 publications, including the New York Times, Good Housekeeping, and Better Homes and Gardens.
  • In addition to home decor/improvement and gardening, she has extensive knowledge of vintage home decor and Depression glass.


Megan is a 5x award-winning content creator and marketing strategist. She began her passion for home decor + lifestyle content creation in 2016 when she launched her blog, "The Beige House," which led to her being featured as a marketing expert at Haven, the premier home blogger conference. Over the years, she's worked with multinational brands like Home Depot, Ryobi, and Sherwin Williams to create content geared towards Millennial women who want to create a unique home style of their own but aren't sure where to start. Most of her paid work is used to subsidize her houseplant hoarding and vintage Pyrex collection. She currently resides in Rochester, NY, with her husband, dog (Jimmy Bagels), cat (Bettie), and Marv the Monstera.


Megan received a B.A. in social sciences from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007 with concentrations in psychology, sociology, and history.
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